How To Turn An Instagram Account Into A Powerful Source Of Sales?

On the Internet, advertising works on the principle of an auction, with each day the competition is getting higher and the bids for advertising more expensive. When purchased advertising is the dominant tool, it becomes more difficult to stay in the business model. Unlike other online tactics, social networks provide free organic traffic, reduce advertising costs and also allow getting more loyal contacts and leads.  Moreover, social networks provide opportunities to sell over a long period and make repeated sales. In this article, we will consider the tools that allow you to spend fewer resources on the realization of sales on Instagram and have higher conversion rates.

How to enhance sales using Stories?

According to Instagram statistics, most people consume content in Stories(Watch and download Instagram stories). This format is easier to perceive, and people like it more. The stories are short and interesting to watch. So viewers consume the content easily and put likes, and comments and go through all the other Instagram comment replies also. In Stories, more tools are concentrated to engage the audience: questions, polls, stickers, and tests. So, the approach to content creation in Stories is gradually changing and becoming more serious. 

The format that gains popularity is the storytelling series of Stories. Storytelling is one of the most important trends in social media. There is a constant overheating of information on the Internet and people have learned to filter advertising. So first, it is important to sell the idea for people to see your material and then provide this material.  

If you put Stories with the product and the price, you pay attention only to the most interested audience that already has formed the desire to buy the product. Your target audience is wider and consists of people that need this product, but at the moment they are not in active search and need to be pushed to make a decision.

With the help of storytelling mechanics, you can highlight the problem, reinforce it, give a solution and present your product based on it. In such away, you can warm up and interest the audience. 

How to speed up customer decision-making with psychological triggers?

To build successful sales, it is no longer sufficient to present a product. It is important to encourage the audience to make a decision with the help of various triggers. 

One of the most effective solutions for posts is the publication of concrete results and successful cases. This creates social proof and people make decisions based on the experiences of others. Moreover, nothing motivates and fuels the desire to buy like a demonstration of results.

Another way to create social proof is creation a high statistic in profile. That’s why most entrepreneurs buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, and other activity metrics. This allows to quickly form a mass effect and high involvement, people perceive your content as valuable, your brand as relevant, and feel more secure in their purchasing decisions.

You can shorten the sales cycle by creating emotional pressure through a deficit or time constraints. This technique increases the value of the product and people make a quick decision, so they don’t miss out on a good opportunity.

You can reinforce the trust in your product with an expert’s opinion. It’s effective to justify the price of the product, highlight how it solves your customers’ problems or eliminates their pain.

How to increase sales with re-targeting? 

People on social networks don’t come purposefully for purchases and are very rarely ready to buy at the first touch. In order to make a chain of interactions with people and lead them to purchase, re-targeting is effective. While the targeted advertisement is used for first contact with people and gathering an audience for your profile, re-targeting is a powerful tool for sales. It’s repeated advertising for those people who have already shown some interest in your product.

There are three basic tools within re-targeting. The first is advertising on the website visitors. In most cases, people who have visited the site, leave without any trace. With retargeting, you can redirect such people to your Instagram account and warm them up with content marketing.

The second re-targeting tool is advertising aimed at your account’s subscribers. This is useful if you need to promote a selling post in your feed and not depend on Instagram algorithms, or if you need to hold a promotion so that all your subscribers can see it. 

To sum up, sales in the digital space is not an algorithm, but constant testing, revealing of strong tactics, and strengthening of working mechanics. That is why you should approach the scaling of your business comprehensively, constantly follow the trends, because enormous opportunities in them are concentrated.

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