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How the TikTok Algorithm Works In 2023

TikTok was birthed in 2016 after the merging of the Douyin and Musical.ly apps. Today, this fast-growing app has been downloaded 3 billion times and shows no signs of slowing down.

TikTok enables its users to create short lip-syncing, acting, and dancing videos. Users can also use the platform’s effects and filters to edit and customize their videos.

The app users can also use the platform to earn extra income in tips, coins, diamonds, and gift points on TikTok.

Brands, too, are leveraging the app’s popularity to build awareness, engage their audiences, and grow their followers with the help of Growtok growth service.

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

Undoubtedly, whether you’re on TikTok as a fan, a creator, or a brand, you must learn how the app works to succeed on it.

Fortunately, we give you a detailed breakdown of how the TikTok algorithm works and how you can use this information to increase your following and views on the platform.

TikTok Algorithm – What Is It?

The TikTok algorithm is a personalized recommender that determines what will appear on every user’s For You Page (FYP). The algorithm considers different factors before recommending content on every TikTok user’s FYP.

No two TikTok users have the same recommendations on their For You Feed.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

As TikTok revealed recently, its algorithm recommends videos to its users based on several factors, as explained below.

1. User Interests

When users sign up on TikTok, they must choose their interests. The app uses this information to make content recommendations to the user.

Also, the app categorizes content in terms of different interests. For the content creator, this means your video’s subject matter will determine who watches it on the app.

2. User Interactions 

The user’s interaction with TikTok content is another critical factor influencing the recommendations they get on their FYP.

Interactions are related to factors such as the content that the user likes and shares, the accounts you follow and comment on, hidden creators, videos the user adds to their favorites, videos that you watch to the end, and the content that you create.

3. Video Information

Video information relates to the characteristics of videos that you tend to search for on the Discover tab.

Some of these video information details include:

  • Sounds
  • Captions
  • Effects
  • Hashtags
  • Trending topics

4. Device and Account Settings

This factor relates to your device settings, including language, location, interests, mobile device type, and country settings.

For instance, the TikTok algorithm may recommend a video in a given dialect based on your choice of language.

Tips for Cracking the TikTok Algorithm

Cracking the TikTok algorithm means getting your videos to as many For You Pages as possible.

For the longest time, many TikTok users thought the TikTok algorithm worked based on the follower count and the performance of past videos.

However, TikTok clarified that having many followers or great performing videos on the platform doesn’t influence users’ popularity on the app. This is good news to new TikTokers as it means even with very few followers, one’s content can still go viral.

So, here are proven methods you can use to improve the popularity of your videos on the app.

Use hashtags – Although TikTok admits that including hashtags on your video doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the For You Feed, the use of trending hashtags does increase visibility. To discover what’s trending on the app, go to the Discover tab and check out the hashtags with lots of views and a fire icon next to them. Choose the hashtags that are relevant to your video and add them.

Short, relevant captions – When using captions on TikTok, keep them simple, short, and relevant. Also, ensure your captions are attention-grabbing. This will give your followers a reason to watch your video.

Try the TikTok pro account – The TikTok Pro Account gives you access to many insightful features that can help you understand your audience better. With the Pro account, you gain access to metrics detailing who your audiences are, the content they love, their location, and the times they’re most active on TikTok.

Embrace trending songs and challenges – Trending audios and challenges get lots of attention. Take advantage of their popularity by using them on your videos.

Creating videos that users will watch to the end – Capturing your audience’s attention to the end of your video is excellent for TikTok’s algorithm. Focus on creating short and exciting content that users can watch to the end.

High-quality videos– It goes without saying that poor-quality videos won’t get much attention on TikTok. The good news is that TikTok has many features that you can use to make your videos stand out. Also, ensure your videos are made specifically for the platform. TikTok videos should be short, made with fast-paced music, and designed to be played with the sound on.

In closing, if you want to do well on TikTok, you need to focus on providing quality content that’s fun and refreshing. The above tips will help you crack the platform’s algorithm and increase your viewership on the app.

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