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6 Tips to Promote Your Music on Social Media 

If you’re wondering how to get more plays on Spotify, then you should plan well in advance. It is because the music market is very huge with big names. Social media is a huge part of the content creation strategy for any musician. Let’s face it, no platform promotes a musician as fast as social media does. It is because of the ease of use and social media platforms being free of cost. To promote your music on social media, below are some of the tips that will work for your success.

1.  Solid Content Strategy

Create a cross-platform marketing plan. Market yourself in such a manner that your audience gets intrigued. For the channels that you use, add a call to action. It can be a cal to like, subscribe, or record purchase if this is your ultimate goal. Streamline your efforts in line with the marketing plan, and you will start getting the results as required. If you are not good at it, hire someone who is. Your marketing lies at the core of your profession, so be very careful with it.

2.  Share Why A Song Was Made

It is also an important aspect that will let the users know a song’s history. Also, mention what good it brings to the listeners. As a musician, you have poured your heart and soul into a song and your audience must know your efforts. Once a post has been created, you can animate and decorate it the way you want to intrigue your listeners. The more awesomely you tell your story, the more likely is that the song will be listened to by the users.

3.  Choose the Right Platform

Make use of the social media platform that fits all your needs. Know the strategy that you have been following and plan accordingly. With the right platform, you will get to know your audience faster and create content that will fascinate them. Show that you are a music fanatic, and this can easily be done by choosing a platform that supports your music style. The right platform gives you the right direction to move on in your music career.

4.  Branding is Important

Make your music your brand, and it is easy if you use the same theme and pictures across all platforms. It will not only make you recognizable but will also get your listeners a chance to share your content on all platforms. From color scheme to the content style and sharing mechanisms follow the same strategy on all platforms. This all must seem aligned and natural and should not look forced.

5.  Direct to your Music, not Profile

In case Facebook is used for sharing music, then a page is created in the first place. A common mistake is that musicians or businesses of any kind direct the people to their profile rather than a page, which is not an excellent strategy. As a musician, people must know you by your work not personally so never direct the people to your profile but to the page which shows how talented you are.

6.  Post The Upcoming Events

It could be Facebook events or live tweets on Twitter. Stay connected with your audience and if you are performing live, let them know. It will get you exposure to the platforms that are offline and will make your presence felt. You can post about your songs and events months before to create a sense of wait that will make your listeners crave for your music. A successful musician always lets his or her listeners know the plans ahead of time to get the exploding response on the big day.

I am fully ambitious and highly dedicated to digital marketing, in particular content creation, link building, and content marketing. With an ample of experience (around 6 years) helps businesses’ online presence to be more visible in search results as well as among the related audience.