Download All Your Favorite Videos From Instagram: Here’s How to Go About It

Summary: Instagram is chock full of exciting posts and videos, some of which you may want to store for viewing later. Learn how to download Instagram video in the easiest ways possible. 


Social media enthusiasts, mainly Instagram users, may have often found themselves in situations where they wished they could download Instagram video to share with friends or access later. You can also collect your content, whether it is reels, photos, IGTV, or stories from Instagram, and reuse the videos if required on a later date with the help of a user-friendly tool. Check out the post to learn and understand more about how to download a video from Instagram and save it offline to view as and when you please. 

What are the limitations?

  • Not all the tools are ad-free, and you will constantly see pesky ads popping up.
  • Some platforms allow you to download images, videos, and reels, while others can download IGTVs and stories. Some support only pictures, so you have to choose your tool based on what you wish to download.
  • Some Instagram downloaders require account registration for fast and automatic usage and need to be constantly updated.
  • Several apps are suited only for specific operating systems, such as Android or iOS.

If you are among the frequent Instagram users who cannot download video from Instagram issues, read the article until the end and get comprehensive solutions to cater to your needs.

How to download Instagram Video?

Here we will show you the best seamless methods of Instagram download video options from DVDFab.

StreamFab All-In-One Downloader: Your most convenient Instagram video downloading solution

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The StreamFab All In One Downloader is one of the most comprehensive video downloading solutions that lets you download videos from Instagram and many other popular platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, as well as a thousand other streaming websites. In addition, it offers several exciting lifetimes and combo deals you can choose from according to your preference. Fortunately, this powerful software can also overcome several limitations that are posed when you try to download Instagram videos. 

Features and advantages

  • It comes with an inbuilt browser for a better downloading experience
  • Allows you to download videos from all major social media platforms and streaming services
  • You can choose your audio and video quality
  • Downloaded videos get saved in MP4 format, which is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices.
  • Removes ads while download video Instagram
  • You can download audio and subtitles in the language of your choice
  • You can save subtitles as SRT files or remix them into your videos
  • It lets you auto-download all newly released episodes at your scheduled time
  • Allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously at high speed
  • All meta data gets downloaded for better management of the media library

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How to download with the StreamFab All In One Downloader?

Step 1: Download and install StreamFab

Download and install the StreamFab All in One downloading software on your Mac or Windows computer

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Step 2: Select the streaming platform from where you wish to download

Once you have launched the software, go to the Streaming Services, and pick Instagram. 

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Step 3: Sign in and play the video you want to watch offline.

Enter your credentials and sign in to your Insta account. Then play the video that you wish to download.

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Step 4: Select the audio and subtitles according to your preference

Pick the audio track and subtitle stream as per your UI language.

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Step 5: Start downloading.

Tap on the Download Now button to start downloading the video 

Video Downloader for Instagram App: Download your Instagram videos on Android

If you use an Android device, the videos you see on Instagram can be saved to your device if you use Video Downloader for Instagram App. You can also use the Android app to download video from Instagram that will not require you to view each video to download it. Further, you can save them for a long time. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1: Open the video on Instagram

On your Instagram account, open the video you wish to download and click on the menu at the top right corner. 

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Step 2: Copy the link

Next, you have to select the option, Copy the link

Step 3: Paste the link in the Android app

Open the video downloader for the Instagram Android app, and select the Paste option. The video will then get automatically downloaded and saved in the gallery.

Regrammer: Download your Instagram videos on iOS  

Regarding an iOS device, your options for downloading an Instagram video are few. You can use third-party software like Regrammer to help you download video from Instagram to your iOS device. All you have to do for Instagram video download is follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Copy the URL

First, copy the URL of the video content that you want to watch the video offline from Instagram

Step 2: Paste the URL on the app

Next, paste the copied URL into the third-party app called Regrammer

Step 3: Download the video

Then you have to tap on the Preview option and hit download for the video to get automatically saved in the camera roll. 

iGram Downloader: Save your Instagram videos Online


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You can also check out the online tool option if you want a quick download option for your Instagram Video download without installing any app on your system. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Open the Instagram video that you want to watch offline

First, go to Instagram and open the video you wish to download. Copy its URL

Step 2: Paste the URL

Next, you musta open the iGram downloader and paste the URL you copied into the text field.

Step 3: Start downloading

Choose the output format according to your preference. Then, click the Download option to download the video.


What types of Instagram videos are available for download? 

You can choose to download any video content from Instagram. These include Instagram Reels, Instagram Video, and Instagram Stories. You can even download Instagram Live videos if you choose the screen recording option. 

What is the Instagram Reel’s time limit?

You upload 90 seconds reels on Instagram. Within 90 seconds, you can upload short tutorials, mini vlogs, short videos, or video collages to attract your followers’ eyeballs.

Can I upload a 1-minute story on Instagram?

No, the platform does not support a 1-minute story. Instead, it will cut into 15-second break videos, and within 1 minute, the story will cut into several pieces and display one after another. Instagram allows 15 seconds of stories that users can upload to their accounts.


Instagram download video is brimming. Users upload great content in the form of posts, videos, and photos that you may want to download and keep for future reference. In the above article, we have taken you through the various methods available to help you download Instagram video.

Since Instagram does not allow downloading content from the platform directly, you must use third-party software. StreamFab All-in-One is the most preferred tool to help you overcome all the shortcomings you may otherwise face. It has many benefits that make Instagram download video a breeze. 

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