9 Trends to Never Run out of Social Media Content Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique environment for brands and users to communicate. They can and should be used in order to find like-minded people and establish a strong connection. At the same time, it is important to maintain a balance between the position of the “influencer” and the one who hears feedback from the audience.

Use in-depth analysis to better understand consumers, their opinion of your product / service and the reasons they interact with it, try using an Instagram likes app to grow your audience. Social media can’t be ignored.

The new Global Digital Report has made it clear that the growth rate of social media has accelerated in 2020 and that this trend will continue. Now more than 50% of all people in the world use social media. That’s 4.14 billion users.

Compared to 2019, the increase in the number of users of social networks was 12.3%.

This means that every second there are 14 people online on social networks.

Can marketers afford to ignore social media? No. And in 2021 it will be a completely unaffordable luxury combined with stupidity.

All information provided is based on the Social Media Trends Report, which was developed by the Talkwalker platform and HubSpot, a software developer for marketers. More than 70 experts took part in the analysis, including both managers and marketing directors.

1. Remix is ​​a new type of user-generated content

The remix culture originated in the music industry. Artists take the original track of a popular track or some of its parts and add new sounds, effects, change the tempo and key. In terms of the number of listens, the remix can easily surpass the original. Moreover, it allows the authors to emphasize their own individuality and to stand out favorably against the general background of the musicians. The same thing happened with visual content. It will definitely not be difficult for you to find videos in which users add soundtracks from trending videos to their videos. TikTok is especially full of them.

2021 will bring even more remixed content. After all, new applications not only allow you to distribute such videos, but also make the process of creating them easier and more convenient.

Marketers shouldn’t be missing out on the remix trend. This is a great way to engage with audiences and get great reach for their companies. If you yourself become the authors of the original content and involve users in creating remixes of it, then the brand will very quickly gain recognition.

Important! Many big brands have already mastered TikTok promotion in 2020. Among them are Guess, MacDonald`s, Fanta, Pepsi and others. And one of the most popular branded challenges belongs to EOS lip balms, which received a profit of 5 billion views.

2. COVID-19 principles in content

Even if the coronavirus pandemic ends soon (which is highly unlikely), its consequences will be felt for many years to come, which will especially affect the communication of brands and their customers. Therefore, it is worth adapting any interaction with the audience under the four key principles of COVID: cleanliness, сompassion, community – companies and their clients should be united by a common goal, and be contactless.

All principles boil down to making the company’s communication less advertising and more human.

3. Communication through memes

Experts recommend leaving emoticons and gifs to communicate with the older generation. Millennials and Z-generation representatives are much more interested in interacting with memes. Some brands even use this type of content for various kinds of manipulations, normalizing the level of negativity towards the company and other image gimmicks.

Important! Memes can both benefit and harm a brand. Therefore, in 2021, you need to be able not only to convey your thoughts in a playful manner, but also to defend yourself from memes in case of such a need.

4. Nostalgic Marketing

Since 2020 is on hiatus, many people lack positive emotions in their daily lives. You can get out of the situation with the help of memories. Nice flashbacks from the past always generate a sentimental boost. If we now consider the idea in terms of advertising creative, then the probability of getting the coveted click increases significantly. This is how nostalgic marketing works.

Advice! The trigger to evoke nostalgia in the user can be the words “as before”, “original”, “remember”, “the same taste”.

5. Conversation with the audience is the top priority

Marketing 2021 is not a one-sided game. To achieve your sales goal, you need to increase audience engagement through a shared story.

High-quality communication with existing and potential customers can include:

  • providing useful information;
  • conducting offline and online events;
  • social polls;
  • charitable or social projects.

Reciprocal actions lead to engagement and, as a result, drive sales.

Important! Take advantage of omnichannel benefits for continuous communication with your audience.

6. Video games are the driving force behind the content

The impact of video games on the lives of users has become especially strong during the pandemic, when people are forced to refrain from social contacts. Moreover, in each of the games, its own society is formed, with similar interests and a tendency to make certain decisions.

In the SMM trend forecast for 2021, marketers believe that brands will undoubtedly be targeting video games. Online entertainment will be the driving force behind content creation.

Important! Games are not just for fun. They provide players with certain benefits – they develop appropriate skills, provide social contacts and other things that are appreciated in the real world.

7. Old school marketing

Some trends go away as quickly as they come. And only a few have the ability to circulate in the public mind. These are the ones that should be used in 2021 to interact with the audience in social networks.

Why is this a good idea? Proven methods work better than destructive new creatives. Especially in times of uncertainty. They build trust and increase brand loyalty, as the consumer is already familiar with the communication format in advance.

8. Social media giants will be relevant

Those platforms for SMM that are dominant today will remain relevant in 2021. They may have new functions, and the forms of interaction with the audience will adapt to fashion trends, but the degree of influence will not diminish from this.

At the same time, social media consultant Matt Navarra believes that social media will be further regulated by the government and users.

9. Social conscience

Here we go. The number one trend, according to research by Talkwalkers and Hubspot. The socially conscious Generation Z and the younger Generation Alpha have made a significant impact in 2020 on the behavior of brands on social media, as well as society as a whole.

In 2021, the company will have to pay even more attention to topics such as mental health, inclusiveness and tolerance to keep the attention of the audience. Otherwise, they will become irrelevant to potential customers and risk losing more of the existing ones.

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