5 Social Media Trends To Guide Your Strategy In 2021

Effective usage of social media platforms for maximizing the potential of your brand and boosting  ROIs is not a new kid on the block.  However, every new year defines the word “effective” in its own marketing way.  Some trends managed to earn a solid authority, others got discarded.

As a marketer, you have to understand that it is your direct responsibility to follow and keep the fresh tendencies under the radar.  It does not require any supernatural methods of business organization. Just make sure to showcase a total readiness to observe, analyze, listen and test. Let’s have a look at five social media trends that will impact your business well in 2021.

Video Content

As it’s been mentioned before, some of the tendencies might not be new. However, they have already won a place in the Sun and remain being trusted.  Video marketing is just one of those. Statistics over the pandemic period have demonstrated that consumers have shifted to videos when choosing the products, and marketers agreed on this trend as proven to enhance conversions. Short, helpful, informative, with a slight hint of personalization videos, are greatly appreciated by the consumers. 

According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses are implementing videos as a primary tool for marketing. Cisco claims that over 80% of traffic will be earned by videos. To help improved visibility online and increased visitor engagement, start creating a promo video.

User-generated content 

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User-generated content ( UGC) keeps gaining popularity due to its authenticity and trust provoked. People tend to trust people. Real people. If there are happy customers, who solved their problems thanks to your products or services who tagged you or wrote an exciting comment about their experience, you must repost them to your stories ( more preferably), create a carousel of photos ( lots of thanks to online image converter like Crello), praising them for believing in your brand. UGC guarantees transparency for your business. 2021 is all about things to be real.  When the real value of what you do is proven by the real consumer, the chance that the credit of trust will play a critical role in your business growth is massive.

Act of kindness

Notwithstanding the size of your business, it is easy to find those in need, who might benefit from your contribution. You may transfer some of your profit to some charity, or to the development of a project, making the world a better place to live.  It is true that kindness does not need exposure and loves silence.

However, when it comes to business, do not be shy. Let your audience on social media know that not only you create an amazing product, but you also participate in spreading happiness to those who lack it. Sentimental videos with the result of your impact make people love you even more. Please, do not forget about the authenticity. If you help an animal shelter, please make sure it comes from your heart, and your business accounts and personal ones will prove that point.

Virtual reality

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It is from the list of “not that much new, but big-time useful”. It does help to connect people without actually being near each other. Social media is also about that.

Selling a product, or offering a service you might turn to VR and let people experience it “as if for real”. With certain equipment, or without ( Augmented Reality, nice to meet you) people may get submerged into what you have to offer in your Instagram shop, or Facebook shop. The customers might “test-drive” a new model of a car, have a tour in the apartments that your estate agency has, and see whether that olive hat matches the color of their eyes.

Less is more, seldom is often

Quality tops quantity. Breathe out, because you no longer may strictly depend on your posting calendar and follow the rules of when to post on every platform.

It is not discarded completely, though. However, the focus on the message and communicating the true value of your niche, or simply on the peculiar business insight you have produced. Meaningful posts conquer the ” just to post” posts. Posting because it is Tuesday loses its practical value in comparison with posting, because ” it is huge, and you must know about it, business-wise”.


In order to succeed in 2021 as a prosperous entrepreneur, you must be fluent in operating social media. The task is to enhance positions with the existing trends, abandon those that lost their practical purpose and adopt the tendencies that the year dictates. 2020 has prepared a solid base for novelties due to the events it’s been filled with. The thirst for more kindness, sympathy, transparency, and authenticity is seen with a  naked eye. There is nothing left to do except building your strategy around that.

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