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The Easiest Way To Send A Fax From Gmail ( Without Fax Machine)

Faxing is a process of sending your official and confident documents to the other offices through the technology of fax. Faxing was used as a foremost means of communication as it was a maestro in delivering all of the messages as well as the information transcripts.

Unfortunately, the usage of the fax machine has declined and has been proven to be effective. This is due to numerous reasons such as the bulky machines or the fax that was hard to assemble or keep as well as the effort of documents. The fax machine was relayed by new and effective technology that meant new forms of communication.

Despite its lack of usage and decline in popularity, fax serves as a seldom-used help for several people. There are numerous cases in which a fax machine can be used and served as a topmost communication provider such as confidentially of the document. For this, we provide you with a service that you require:

CocoFax: Send Fax Online Easily From Your Gmail ID:

Cocofax is a brilliant and effective service that has eased all of the problems of fax and serves as a fax transmitter. Cocofax is a highly reputed and recognized service that sends and receives fax; like a Gmail account. Cocofax helps you to send and receive faxes through Gmail over a simple internet connection.

send fax on gmail with CocoFax

Cocofax is a highly recognized brand that has surpassed all of its competitors in every field possible and allows you to avail yourself of the fax service easily. Cocofax comes with a whole lot of advantages for you and your fax transmission. You can Visit Cocofax and ensure yourself of all of the services we provide to our valued users.

Why Is CocoFax The Best Online Fax Platform?

Certain reasons are sanctified for Cocofax being the foremost and the topmost choice of your fax transmission. Cocofax is a total digital service and allows you to complete all of your fax transmission needs over the internet. You can easily send or receive all of your fax on your Gmail without any hassle.

Cocofax works in complete harmony with your needs as it helps you to enjoy all of the features along with user-orientation. You can easily choose the package or the service you want to opt for and the website would not charge you a single penny. You can easily receive all of the physical fax bulk on your pc just like Gmail.

Moreover, Cocofax has another gift for its clients in the form of a free month trial where you can enjoy all of the services without paying anything. You can easily subscribe to this and enjoy all of the feature-laced and capability-enriched services that you can easily enjoy without hesitation.

Is Fax Sending Possible Over Windows 10 or Simple Windows?

You can easily send the fax to anyone you want to with the help of Cocofax as it is an easy service to be used and contemplated. You can send the fax as well as you can receive it just like the Email. Sending or receiving the fax is an easy process and there is no need to worry.

CocoFax features list

How Is The Fax Sent And Received On Windows 10 (Step by Step Guide)?

Cocofax has always ensured that no issue is faced by the user and that the users can easily use the service without any disturbance. The sending, as well as the signup procedure, is easy as all you need to do is to follow some steps which are clearly stated below in detail:

Step 1:

The first thing would be ensuring that the device is connected to the internet and that there is no problem with your connection. As you connect to the internet, you need to log in to the site of Cocofax that is “Cocofax.com”. As soon as you log into the website, there will be a separate option called the “Create Account” option. Click on it to progress.

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Step 2:

The create account button opens up into a detail box where all of the information that you need to fill for the effortless transmission of the fax is needed. You are hereby requested to fulfill all of the details in accuracy and precision to ensure that the account is created without any problem.

As you provide the details, the account is created as well as you are allotted a free of cost identity that is known as the fax number. You can easily employ the fax number in sending or receiving all of the fax you need.

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Step 3:

The last step is the usage of the account you have just created. The third step defines that you can easily send or receive the fax with the help of a fax number. Moreover, you can enter the fax number just like an email address in the address bar for easily sending the fax to anyone you want to.

The fax you have just received can also be shared as well as stored anytime you like.

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Are The Files Readable?

A common issue that exists in faxing software is that the fax is always in some unreadable form such as the IDR. The best thing about Cocofax is now you can automatically get the desired format for your fax and then use it or store it as well as share it.

The Cocofax algorithm already converts it into a simple PDF file from where you can use it and share it as well with your desired audience.


All of this can be done for free and without anything extra. All you need is a digital internet connection for the effortless transmission of your fax.

Use Cocofax if you want to send your fax easily and receive it easily too.

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