How to Play Cold War Multiplayer Modes

There are several modes players can hop on in Cold War multiplayer. These games can be played across different maps like Crossroads, Garrison, Armada, and Miami among others.

What sets the multiplayer modes apart from the campaign and zombie modes is how teams can play against each other in a battle for who completes the mission first or who has more points depending on the objectives of the mode. Here, friends can go into a multiplayer match with each other to see which team will come out victorious.

There are over 14 different modes in the multiplayer game with additional modes being added frequently. This gives players different options to choose from when getting into battle.

Here, we’ll look at some of the popular game modes and how you can play them.

Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Here, there are several bombs scattered around the maps, with 10 teams of 4 players each struggling to detonate the bombs for points. The first team to reach 500 points wins.

But it is not that simple, you’ll have to fight off extremely aggressive teams while detonating as many bombs as you can with the uranium you’ve collected. Your team gets points for killing other enemies, detonating a bomb, and picking up uranium.

Prop Hunt

Just like your regular hide-and-seek game, prop hunt has two teams of 6 players each. The prop team is without a gun and their objective is to hide around the map, using the surroundings and things in the game to disguise. While the other team is with a gun and must hunt down and kill the prop team. 

The hunters will have a limited time to kill all the members of the prop team hiding around.

VIP Escort

This is an interesting new mode added to Cold War multiplayer. It requires two teams of 6 players each. One team will be tasked with protecting a member of their squad that will be designated as the VIP, while the other team will be tasked with killing the VIP before they reach the extraction point.

There will be several rounds with each team taking turns to be the team protecting the VIP. A point is awarded to the team that completes their mission and the first team to reach 4 points wins.


This multiplayer mode requires more tactics than aggression to win. It consists of two teams; one being the defending team, is tasked with defending two sites on the map and the other being the attacking team must recover these sites.

It gets even more interesting with the restrictions and limits in the game. First, each team collectively has only 30 lives each. The attacking team has only 90 seconds to at least capture a site, after which they are given additional time to capture the second location.

The first team to win three rounds wins the game.


Just as the name suggests, every point you gain in this mode will be difficult. Here, one member of a team must be in the hardpoint to earn a point but the opposing team can stand on the objective point and prevent any point from being given.

The hard point keeps rotating every 60 seconds allowing each team to quickly occupy a hard point and defend it while getting points.


In this mode, all hell lets loose. You have no teammate, no ally, just enemies. It’s free for all brawls out there and players must kill to get points.

This is an intense solo match, a break from the team mode games in Cold War multiplayer. The first player to reach the set score point wins but, in this mode, you’re more likely to die as it’s a crazy world out there with all players doing what they can to kill others and get points.

2v2 Gunfight

Four players in two teams, fighting each other in a straight gunfight. The game ends when a team wins 6 rounds. But there’s also a timer and when the timer runs out without a winner, the first team to take control of a capture point that will appear wins.

In the case where none of the teams can do that, the healthiest team wins. This mode comes with quite a lot of variables and has a timer for most of its tasks unlike most of the other modes in Cold War Multiplayer.


Multiplayer is an ever-evolving section in Cold War with new modes being added regularly for players to enjoy.

The number of modes in the multiplayer game can be overwhelming and confusing to grasp but following this guide will make it easier for you to enjoy the mode. If you want to have the bragging right among friends, you may want to use Cold War cheats when playing the multiplayer modes.

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