Best Android Strategy Games for 2021

There are tons of games available for gamers to play and enjoy, but finding the best games is always hard. So, today we are here with the Best Strategy Games for Android gamers, which you guys can play on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

As you know there are multiple gaming consoles available for gamers, on which they can play different games. But there are limited people, who play players on gaming consoles. But the Android gaming community is increasing daily and billions of people love to access using their smartphones.

What are Strategy Games?

Strategy Games are Android gaming applications, which are specially developed for Android users. These games provide players to increase their decision-making, management, and other abilities. There are more benefits, which you can have from playing these kinds of games.

There are billions of Android users, who love to play and enjoy their quality time on Smartphones. So, there are also multiple gaming applications available for the players, which anyone can easily play and enjoy. Most of these applications are hard to play.

But finding the best collection of apps is always quite difficult for the users. So, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We are going to share some of the best available apps, which people love to play in their quality time and have fun.

Anyone can easily access these applications on their Android device to have fun. So, these platforms provide simple fun gameplay and players can also learn more about it. Therefore, we are here with the finest platforms for you all.

Image of Strategy Games
Image of Strategy Games

So, if you want to know more about the gaming applications, then you only need to stay with us for a little while and explore below. We are going to share some of the best available collections here, which anyone can easily access and enjoy.

Clash of Clans

One of the most popular games of Supercell, which has millions of active users is Clash of Clans. It is one of the best and largest gaming platforms, where millions of players enjoy spending their quality time. There are multiple features available for the players to have fun.

The platform provides multiplayer services, through which you can join forces to destroy opponents and take over them. Make different strategies and used them against your opponents to win any war and enjoy. Here you will find different services, which you can access and enjoy.


If you like to play games with your friends, then Warlings is the best available option for you. The application provides multiple modes for the users, in which you can play online or local using Bluetooth. The gameplay is also unique and attractive for the users.

You can find the best gaming platform, where multiple maps are available for the users. Get the best collection of weapons and maps here, in which you can play and enjoy. So, get the finest gaming features here in the app and enjoy your quality time.


The XCOM offers one of the most unique strategies for the users, in which you have to solve different cases. There are multiple stories available for the users, which you have to complete. Get the best army, arsenal, and completely different missions.

Here, players will provide all unique features, which you have to use and complete any mission. Get some of the finest unique missions, in which you have to use different services. So, enjoy your quality time on the platform and have fun here.


Start developing a simple town and build an empire, where others are ready to take over your nation. So, make instant development in all fields and ready for a fight. Explore multiple features here, which you can easily access and enjoy.

Here you can also take over on small empires to expend your resources and enjoy. Here you have to use the best methods to destroy your opponents and build your empire stronger. You can find some of the finest collections of services, which you can easily access and have fun.

These are some of the most popular platforms, which provide advanced-level gaming services for the users. So, if you want to have fun and use your mental abilities to win matches, then these are some of the best available options for you.

Some of the platforms might offer premium services, but we don’t recommend you guys to make any kind of investment in a game. First, you have to access the free services and get a personal experience of the available services. If you get satisfied with the services, then make an investment, else try other options.

Final Words

With these Strategy Games, you can have fun and enjoy Android games, one of the best ways to pass time at the same time improve your mental skills. With these downloads get ready for many surprises.

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