Is Xbox Series S Going to Have a Performance Boost, or Did It Happen Already?  

Are you the proud owner of an Xbox Series S? Have you been waiting for new upgrades to your hardware? Perhaps a refreshed Xbox controller design, or extra memory? 

For now, we will reveal to you that the Xbox Series S is undoubtedly in for a change. It’s shaping up to be quite a boost. But whether it’s the Xbox pad design, the color of the case, or something to improve performance, is something you’ll find out later in this article. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

October 2022 — Xbox Series S and X updates

In October 2022, gamers could be positively surprised with another boost to their Xbox Series S and X consoles. What did Microsoft surprise gamers with? Were we in for a change in the Xbox pads design? Or maybe something better? 

Xbox Series S and X volume

First up is the volume issue. The new update allows you to change the volume of your TV using the Xbox Series X and S. To do this, Microsoft has taken advantage of an HDMI feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which allows you to manage the volume without having to reach for the TV remote. You can now change the TV volume in the audio and music sections of the Xbox guide. To do this, simply press the Xbox button on the controller to display the guide and navigate to the Audio and Music section, where you will see buttons to change the TV’s volume or mute it. This eliminates the need to reach for the TV remote to change the volume during a game or movie.

Mute start-up sounds

A feature has been added that users have been asking for, to have the option to choose a silent console start-up. You can now adjust the settings to mute all sounds when the Xbox console starts up. 

  • Profile and system > Settings > General > Volume and audio output > Additional options and select Mute startup sounds. 

Selecting and changing your home console Xbox Series S and X

Turning your console into an Xbox home console gives your friends and family access to games and content when you’re not signed in. The Xbox home console also allows you to play digital games offline. Microsoft has added several new setup screens to make it easier to select and change your home console when setting up your new Xbox console.

Changes to the Xbox Series S and X power mode names

An Xbox Series X and S or Xbox One console can be configured to use different power modes, depending on your preference. In the update, Microsoft has updated information to help you choose the setting that works best for you. In addition, the names of the options have been changed: Standby Mode is now Sleep, and Power Saving is now Shut Down (power saving). 

  • To view your Xbox console’s power settings, press the Xbox button to open the guide and select Profile & System > Settings > General > Power Options.

Access keys on the Xbox Series S and X are PIN codes

The Xbox console password and guest access keys are an additional layer of security associated with your personal Xbox profile. Microsoft has decided to change the naming of these security features. They are now called Xbox console PIN and Xbox console guest PIN. 

You can use the PIN on any Xbox console you log in to and put restrictions on things such as purchases and parental controls.

Controllers in Series S and X

Updating controllers with the latest software maximizes controller capabilities and compatibility. Microsoft is rolling out a software update that includes bug fixes for USB controllers that connect to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and additional upgrades for the following Xbox controllers:

  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controllers.
  • Xbox X|S Series Wireless Controllers.
  • Adaptive Controllers for the Xbox console.
  • Wireless controllers for the Xbox One console with Bluetooth support.

However, this is not a revolutionary change, like designing your own Xbox controller. Therefore, if you have an appetite for more, then take a look at us and build your own Xbox controller from scratch.

Medal tv sharing with Xbox Game Bar on Xbox Series S and X

Xbox Game Bar supports most games on Windows 11/10 PC, providing instant access to screen capture and sharing widgets without leaving the game. It is now possible to directly import any clips recorded with the Xbox Game Bar app into Medal tv, where you can edit, publish and share your favorite gaming moments.

  • While playing, press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard to open the Xbox Game Bar app. 
  • Owners of an Xbox controller connected to a computer can press the Xbox button. 
  • Capture > See all my shots you can select a clip and then use the Share option in Medal tv.

Xbox Series S performance boost – summary

As you can see, October 2022 was indeed a revolutionary month for fans of Microsoft production consoles. The improvements made have divided gamers. Some see them as dramatic changes, while others believe it was just a change to powder the Xbox Series S nose. 

What do you think? Was it worth the wait? Or is it better to get on with the build-your-own Xbox One controller and calmly await the new boosts? 

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