The importance of Animated Video Content in Marketing?

In today’s digital age, animated video content has proved to be a successful marketing strategy. The reason is that animated video content helps to tell the entire story of the product or service you are selling in the market. The animated videos are engaging and describe the feelings, emotions, communication, ideas, and much more in a fun way. Moreover, the animated videos are easy to understand and perceive because of which more audience attracts towards your product or service. If you are planning to market your business uniquely, you can use an animation maker to help you ease the process of making an animated video.    

Here we will describe five ways in which animated video content in marketing can help your business grow. 

1. They are attractive and Engage more Customers 

Attracting and engaging your target audience towards your business is the first step towards making a sale. According to recent research, 85% of the internet audience watches videos online. The reason is that the video is an easy way to know about things and are entertaining as compared to reading out long descriptive paragraphs. Moreover, the video content is animated, which is absorbed by the audience. Engagingly they get to know how to use your product or service and how useful it is. So animated video content is the best possible way in today’s era to interact with your target audience and double your sales. 

2. Helps Increase Conversion Rates 

Marketing experts use animated videos as their most powerful marketing tool. As it helps generate conversions like no other type of marketing material does. According to the research, business who use videos in their marketing campaigns gets 40% more traffic than those who do not make use of it. According to other stats, business pages with a video on the landing page boost the conversion rates up to 80%. 

Animations do not just help engage people. They help turn usual viewers into potential customers, which can result in increasing your business leads. 

3. Helps customers to understand your Product or Service

If you are selling a complex product or a service and the customer is unable to understand the proper use of it, why would he even buy it? He will probably prefer buying other alternative options, which he tends to understand. For this reason, animated videos serve a great purpose. They are a perfect source through which you can explain your product to the customers in an attractive manner. 

Animated videos can tell a story about your product. The video is usually a short clip of 100-120 seconds, explaining the proper use of the product and how using your product can affect the life of the customer. 

You can use various animation makers to make 2D animation videos or whiteboard animation videos. These videos will surely grasp the customer’s attention to your product. 

4. They are Measurable 

Marketing experts say that only those marketing campaigns are effective, that are measurable. Because of it, videos are a strong marketing tool. We can easily measure the reach and performance of the video content. For example, if you upload a video on YouTube, you can get a lot of information. Like, the total number of views, which category of users view it, and who rewatches it. Also, we get plenty of information by uploading a video on Facebook. We get to know the number of times the video is shared and total engagement on it, which are perfect for measuring the effectiveness of your animated video campaign. 

5. You can Save Money and Time  

Animated videos never get old other videos does. With time, fashion and needs change, because of which the live-action videos look funny after a certain period and are no more useable. Going for the category of animated videos will save you the time and money you will invest in making the new videos again and again. Also, the making of live-action videos is expensive, whereas animated videos can be made in a short time with only a single animation maker tool. Also, you can quickly update animation video content if any changes are required.

Another prime feature of animated videos is that they do not promote a specific race, color, age, or nationality. Because of this, they can easily get viral around the world without any discrimination.

Hence, animated videos are essential in today’s digital marketing world to promote your business effectively.

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