Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Remember from school years when someone asked to copy an assignment and another student asked not to do it, obviously? He was afraid that they would be caught plagiarizing. And he was right — plagiarism is an unwelcome practice in education, science, or copywriting spheres. Not surprisingly, modern technology is involved in the fight against this phenomenon.

Online checker tools were made to inspect the uniqueness of the texts. These easy-to-use tools allow users to scan for plagiarism and get results immediately. For instance, a professor can use it to check the writing assignments — good essay examples usually have 90%-100% uniqueness. Students can use them too, everyone with access to the Internet can. And we will help you to choose a free online plagiarism checker that will cover your needs.


Graduateway is a service that primarily deals with paper writing. Plagiarism checker free is a nice bonus that you can use as soon as you receive your essay. The service can be used in other cases as well, but this is a very likely scenario. 

The tool has a simple design and basic functionality. There is a field for the title, a field for the text, and a a-check my essay” button. It works only with texts in English and gives a percentage of uniqueness. The service claims that only 100% unique works are good — we will not argue. A nice feature of the service — you can not just insert the text into the box, but also drag and drop .pdf, .docx, and .txt files.


Grammarly is better known as a platform with artificial intelligence for the grammar and spelling check of English texts. But for the convenience of users there you can not only check how to write “Worcestershire sauce”, but also scan the text for plagiarism. 

The interface of the tool is minimalist at the start — only one field and a scan button. You can also drag and drop .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt and .rtf files. A significant advantage of this service is that you are getting all in one. After scanning for plagiarism, writing issues are additionally displayed.


The first multilingual service on our list. It has a paid and free version, with a limit of 200 words in the latter. Despite the simple interface, the tool can scan texts in the following languages — English, Spanish, German, French, and many others. As a result, it is used by more than a thousand universities around the world. It can be the university next to you.

A feature of the service is the use of Modified technology, which detects manipulation of text to bypass plagiarism checks. No chance for folks in college who like to change the letter “і” to the letter “і”, but in another language. Text scan in files with different extensions is also supported. 


This free service will not only tell you how unique your work is but also show the source plagiarism if any. This is a very convenient feature for teachers, students, and copywriters, which will help to monitor the quality of work. The text must be written in English. This is a monolingual service.

The service has a unique feature, ColorGrade — it determines how bad plagiarism is. Is it a complete copy, or just a hint of it? A handy way to understand your work better.

Plagiarism Detector

Another multilingual service on our list. In addition to English, it works with 11 other languages. The free version can scan up to 1000 words at a time. But even here there are some useful features. In addition to the usual dragging of files, this tool can accept links to the page. You can even use file links in the Dropbox cloud service to optimize your workflow.


Plagiarism is not perceived positively, so checker services are available for free. The paid versions have their advantages, but even the free ones have everything any student and professional need. And there is even something to choose from.

A great common feature of all services — on the tool page next to the input window itself, there is information about why plagiarism is unacceptable. We think this is the right way to encourage users to create unique texts. In this case, it is not even advertising services, but advertising a healthy attitude to intellectual property.

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