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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Some people want to create a virtual phone number to receive SMS when signing up on social networks or simply to get in touch with close friends or relatives who live in other countries. Another type of virtual phone number is used in business. It’s about receiving and making calls, as well as SMS and fax messages. Such numbers are rented (as a rule, long-term) in different regions. The essence of the service is as follows: a subscriber (company) is located in one region but works in another.

In order not to splurge on charges for roaming and long-distance communication, the company buys (leases) a virtual number (mobile or landline) in the region of operation, all data from which could be forwarded to the customer’s real phones or other devices. There’s no need to set up additional hardware, the data transfer is performed via the Internet.

Enjoy the Opportunities

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number in a Few Clicks? First of all, you have to choose a reliable IP-telephony provider. There are a lot of variants but it’s recommended to pay attention to the Freezvon, which makes it easy to get a virtual number for the USA, China, Croatia, Canada, Moldova, and other countries. The whole process is straightforward and fairly well understood. All you have to do is to

  • Sign up for the site via a required form or using Facebook.
  • Log in and check out the website opportunities.
  • Transfer a sum that covers the number’s price (a subscription and a setup fee).
  • Choose a country, type of number, and city.
  • Set up the telephone forwarding.
  • Pick up with a subscription term.
  • Check all the details and confirm the order.
  • Pay attention that a digital phone number usually becomes activated within 24 hours, but sometimes it may take longer (it depends on the type of number or if documents for a number need to be verified). The customer will get a confirmatory email with detailed information. 

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Additional Features

If you feel inclined to make a virtual phone number multifunctional, you can order supplementary services, such as

  • Voicemail. Usually, the caller is waiting for the answer and when using a voicemail, a timer is set until the voicemail mode is activated. A signal is heard after the delay on a call is finished, and the potential client gets an opportunity to tell the necessary information. The receiving party will get an email with the audio file after the call. The company employees can listen to it immediately or later and then call back.
  • Call recording. Recording during a conversation helps remember the details and personalize the relationship with the client to offer individual solutions. The head of a department can evaluate the work of subordinates, their skills, and knowledge due to the call recording.
  • IVR menu. It is a voice menu that performs the task of phone calls routing. This technology makes it easy to automate the processing of incoming calls and quickly consult on issues without involving employees, simply moving clients to the desired sections of the menu. IVR solves 2 problems: it saves human resources for processing incoming calls and distributes calls between the necessary operators.
  • Greeting message. It’s like a business card of a company. It introduces the venue and shows its real client treatment. There will be no contact with the buyer without greeting, and therefore no potential sale.
  • Hold music. Sometimes a customer’s call has to be put on hold. This is necessary in order to forward the call, find the required operator, or wait for the employee to finish the conversation on the other line. You can prevent clients from listening to the silence and connect an external music-on-hold source. Thus, this feature brightens the forced waiting time for clients.

Bring to notice that you can get a virtual phone number not only for calls but for texting and other various and useful services. Check them in detail before order finalization.

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