Apple introduced the new policy of Covid Testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

The voices of many Apple employees will be heard throughout the company’s headquarters and stores after it was announced that they might have to take COVID-19 tests. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, those who work at this famous tech giant are required by the new policy to receive frequent screenings for any signs of infection on-site, with no exceptions.

Next month, vaccinated employees at Apple will have to get tested for COVID infrequently while entering specific spaces. Unvaccinated workers, on the other hand, face frequent visits and tests to gain access.

Apple recently changed the return-to-office date for their employees due to the recent surge of coronavirus cases. Like other tech companies such as Google and Facebook, the iPhone maker had workers work remotely during this pandemic to protect themselves from infection. Although they were not physically at risk, they were still exposed by being around those who were sick or dying.

Last week, President Joe Biden said that he’d have the Department of Labor implemented a vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees. He made it clear that these policies will come from OSHA soon, and they’ll ensure continued safety on our nation’s job sites, streets corners – anywhere an injury can occur, or life might be at stake because someone wasn’t vaccinated.”

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