WatchCartoonOnline 2021: Watch Free Cartoons Online With Alternatives


Watch Cartoons Online are probably the best childhood memories anyone can have. They are fun to watch and teach us life lessons in a way no one can elaborate. No matter what the age is, cartoons undoubtedly bring a fun factor in everyone’s life. Toddlers, as well as adults, love to watchcartoononline and animes. However, there are many gold cartoons with incredible lessons, which are not aired on television now.

Choosing the best cartoon streaming website online can help you with this situation. If you have holidays and want to enjoy your free time by watching cartoons or animes, Watchcartoononline is a complete solution. Watchcartoononline allows you to stream limitless cartoons and animes at no cost. You can search for your favorite childhood cartoons and get youngsters’ feel all over again.    

Several websites allow you to watch cartoons online, but not all of them maintain standards. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the WatchCartoonOnline website, where you can watch cartoons, without errors and flows. It is a well-maintained cartoon streaming channel for years, which gives you access to almost all, cartoons online.

Also, we will discuss some other authorized alternative watch cartoons online websites that can make your holidays fun-filled.   

What is WatchCartoonOnline? 

Watchcartoononline is a very famous website that allows users to view all cartoons (whether new or old) online or downloads them. It is a huge database, with a collection of different categories of animes and all-time favorite cartoons from around the world. It provides you high-quality videos and pictures, which enhances the cartoon viewing experience.

If you are an anime lover then, watchcartoononline tv is the best place for you. You can view the amazing quality content on your personal computer or your mobile phone in an effective way. 

Watchcartoononline is a cartoon and anime streaming portal. So, you can cartoon and animes in English dubbing and Hindi dubbing as well. 

Moreover, you can download the watchcartoononline apk on your mobile phones to get a collection of animes at your fingertips. The mobile application on watchcartoononline is extremely user-friendly and allows quick access to desired cartoons on a single search.

One of the top reasons for its popularity is its collections of animes and cartoons in different languages. It is the most popular online website for streaming of animes at high resolution. The second thing that makes it unique is the user-friendly interface it provides to its users. Millions of users have easy access to watchcartoononline app, which helps it grow its name in the market.  

On the Watchcartoononline official website, you don’t need to sign up to watch cartoons and anime online. You can simply search for the cartoon or anime name and enjoy the fun of those at your ease. However, it is recommended to sign up at the website. The reason is that it helps you to save your favorite cartoons and animes or make a list of the same categories and share it with your friends and family. 

Moreover, if you sign up on the watchcartoononline website, you get some enhanced features. For example, you can provide feedback and comment on different videos. Also, you can get the genres part, or you can continue browsing the website to get your hands on your favorite animes and cartoons. 

How to stream cartoons on the WatchCartoonOnline website? 

There are three easy steps to follow if you want to stream cartoons or animes on the WatchCartoonOnline website. Following are those steps. 

Step 1: First of all, search for the cartoon or anime name in the search bar. Copy or cut the link of the anime you searched. The link will get highlighted. 

Step 2: Next, search for some video sniffer tools online. You can use for this purpose. Paste the link you copied or cut in step 1, in the rectangular box saying, “Enter URL of the video you want to download.” 

Step 3: Press the Enter button. The video will start downloading automatically. You have to wait for the download to complete. Downloading time depends upon the speed of the internet you are using. Once the download is complete, you can open the media files, sit back, and enjoy them.  

Different Categories available on WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is a huge platform having a large collection of animes, videos, and cartoons for people of every age. These cartoons and animes are categorized into five major groups. The groups are as follows. 

  1. Movies
  2. Dubbed Anime
  3. Subbed Animes
  4. Cartoons
  5. Ova Series

The categories are there to help users search in an efficient way moving around the website. WatchCartoonOnline is banned in some countries. However, using a VPN is one of the solutions to get access to your favorite animes.  

Current Classes on WatchCartoonOnline 

WatchCartoonOnline streaming app has several different classes available currently on the portal. These classes help the user to navigate through the desired class and select the one which attracts the most.

Also, if you choose a specific class, then relevant animes and cartons of the same class, displays on the screen. They help to get a know-how of the cartoons and animes of the same class, which maybe you are missing and are the most viewed by other people. A list of classes is as below. 

1. Journey 

Cartoons and animes with the class of journey can be found under this class. The Deer King and Bigfoot are examples of cartoons and anime in this class. People who love journey animes can benefit a lot from this class.  

2. Motion 

Motion cartoons and animes are a huge class. A lot of different cartoons and animes which are worldwide famous falls under this class. Cartoons such as Metropolis Wars, Star Blazers, and many more are easily available on watchcartoononline.

3. Animation

Half the population loves watching animated movies and cartoons. Ranging from Barbie to looney tones, all animated cartoons and anime are in this category. You can also find, golden cartoons like Popeye the Sailor Man and Scooby-Doo fall beneath these classes. People who love animation will enjoy the class the most.

4. Comedy

Adults and children who love comedy movies, cartoons, and animes can find a lot of different videos under this class, which can help them laugh and share smiles. 

5. Youngsters

If you are looking for cartoons and animes for youngsters of age 3-7, then youngsters’ class can help you out. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry, power puff girls, Ben 10, etc. can be found in this class. These cartoons are a full entertainment package to make childhood memorable for toddlers. 

6. Horror

Horror cartoons and animes are the favorites of a lot of people around the world. If you love scary shows then this genre is the one for you. You can watch cartoons and animes like Ayakashi and Gregory Horror Show under this class. 

Other than these, many, other genres can suit your taste of movies, cartoons, and animes, such as science fiction, crime, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and action. All these genres lead to a huge collection of cartoons you would not like to miss out on. 

Features of WatchCartoonOnline Website 

There are a lot of different features that WatchCartoonOnline provides to its users to make their experience worth remembering. These features attract users in a unique way that users prefer to return to the online portal for more cartoons and animes. Some of the prominent features WatchCartoonOnline .io provides are listed as follows. 

1. High Quality   

If you are looking for high resolution and good quality cartoons with then do not look further, watchcartoononline is the right platform for your needs. Good sound and picture quality make viewing cartoons and animes much more fun and entertaining without these two features, cartoons can be dull, and you may lose interest after some time. 

Watchcartoononline maintains the high quality of pictures, videos, and sound so that you can enjoy watching your favorite stuff. There are many different qualities of videos you can choose from. For example, you can watch 480p videos, 720p,1080p, or HD High-quality, depending upon your demands. However, image qualities also adjust to the speed of the internet connection.  

2. No Subscription Fee

One of the topmost features about watchcartoononline is that it is free. You do not need to pay any subscription fees or extra added charges to watch your favorite cartoons or animes online. The unique feature makes it the most famous anime streaming website on the web, as other websites charge monthly or yearly subscription fee. You can enjoy all fun cartoons online on a single platform without wasting your cash. 

3. Fast Downloading Speed 

Watching anything online is fun only when it streams without a lot of buffering else it can ruin the mood and interest in the video you are watching. Watchcartoononline provides amazing connectivity, with fast online streaming and downloading speed. The web streaming portal has a lot of servers, that acquire details about our website, and helps to reduce the buffering during online streaming and downloading.

The fast speed of the website maintains the user’s interest in the content, and the user prefers to return to the same website again and again. 

4. Limitless Streaming of Cartoons and Animes 

WachCartoonOnline is a special platform that provides limitless streaming of cartoons and animes to its users. Like other web portals such as Netflix etc., which restricts users after a certain limit, watchcartoononline does not have such restrictions. You can watch a cartoon, anime, movies, and videos until your heart desire. Moreover, the platform is user-friendly, which allows users to interact effectively. 

5. Feedback Option

Watchcartoononline loves its user’s feedback. Users can point out issues and flaws in the working of the website, and watchcartoononline will try its best to recover the problems as soon as possible. Moreover, users can place requests for movies, cartoons, and animes, and watchcartoononline uploads the user desired contents on their official website and alerts the users about the upload. In this way, you can check out cartoons or anime of your choice, which are not already available on the portal. 

All these features and much more make watchcartoononline a unique and much-loved website around the world. 

Best Alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline Site

Watchcartoononline is one of the leading websites on the web, which provides high-quality content and has millions of users. However, due to some issues at the server-side of watchcartoononline, people are looking for the best alternatives. In this article, we will discuss a few prime alternative websites for cartoons and animes, which can replace watchcartoononline.

Some of the best alternatives are briefly discussed below.

1. KissAnime

kissanime the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative

KissAnime is one of the most popular alternatives for watchcartoononline. It is also a huge database which contains old and latest collection of animes from around the world. You can find different genres collection on this online portal. Moreover, recently optimizations are made so that KissAnime can provide a seamlessly excellent experience on smartphones.

2. 9Anime

9anime similar like WatchCartoonsOnline

9Anime is another anime streaming website. You can find popular and latest animes on this web portal. In case the anime you wish to watch is not available on the 9Anime official website, then you can place a request for the show, and it will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Most importantly, the website lacks to provide a user-friendly interface to its users, because of which it is not so popular among the folks.

 3. CartoonCrazy

cartooncrazy same fan following of WatchCartoonOnline

Cartooncrazy is one of the favorite websites of kids. It has a vast collection of cartoons, animes, movies, and TV shows. Also, the website is simple and easy to use and has a flexible UI design.

Moreover, all the elements of the official website are organized in a pretty good manner, which makes searching cartoons and animes easy. Once you have found the cartoon or anime you want to watch, you can either online stream them or download them for later access. In short, cartooncrazy is the best alternative or watchartoononline for kids. 

4. Vudu

Watch Cartoon online for free on vudu

Vudu is another website like watchcartoononline, but it has a bit different working process. Users can buy, rent, and watch movies and different shows on Vudu. Users do not need to signup to watch cartoons and TV shows. They can begin watching directly without can subscription fees. Moreover, the Vudu website has a Vudu app that allows users to access all cartoons, TV shows, movies, and much more through their smartphones. 

5. OtakuStream

Watch online cartoon for free on otakustream

If you love watching anime series, TV shows, and movies, then OtaukuStrem is another amazing free alternative website for watchcartoononline. The UI and UX of this website are designed in a thoughtful manner, which helps to access, navigating, and finding cartoon content easily. Also, like watchcartoononline, you can find different genres collection on OtakuStream. Some of the popular genre collection are as follows. 

  1. Comedy
  2. Drama, Horror
  3. Thriller
  4. Action
  5. Romance
  6. Journey

FAQs for WatchCartoonsOnline

1. Is there an App for WatchCartoonOnline?   

Watchcartoononline is a famous anime and cartoon streaming website, where you can online stream or download the entertainment content easily. Watchcartoononline offers a user-friendly mobile application that users prefer using in their daily routine.

2. Is WatchCartoonOnline a legal website?  

Watchcartoononline does video piracy at a global level, and doing video piracy is illegal. Hence, watchcartoononline is also an illegal website. It is a huge collection of cartoons, animes, and movies, but all of them have piracy issues. It is the reason watchcartoononline is banned in many countries around the world. 

3. Is it possible to view and stream videos for free on WatchCartoonOnline?

Watchcartoononline is a free web portal that allows you to watch different categories of cartoons, animes, and movies, all free of cost. You do not have to pay some monthly or yearly subscription as for other websites. You just have to search for the content and then start online streaming or downloading in no time. 

4. Are there any mirror sites available for WatchCartoonOnline?

Like most of the other websites on the internet, watchcartoononline also has proxy and mirror links that help unblock the original content using a completely different domain name. Some of the mirror site links are as below. 

5. Do we need a VPN to use the website?

Some countries have banned the website because of piracy and copyright issues. So, if you are willing to use the website in such countries, you will need a strong VPN for this purpose.

6. Can a user request an anime or cartoon on the website?

Watchcartoononline loves receiving feedback from its users. It has amazing features, which allow users to request cartoons or amines of their choice, which are not already available on the official website. 

7. Which are the best alternative legal and illegal websites for watchcartoononline?

The best legal alternative websites for watchcartoononline are as follows

  1. Youtube
  2. Disney Now
  3. Cartoon Community
  4. Crackle

The best illegal alternative websites for watchcartoononline are as follows.

  1. KissAnime
  2. Cucirca
  3. 9Anime
  4. Cartooncrazy
  5. Vudu
  6. OtakuStream
  7. KissCartoon
  8. GoGoAnime