IFVOD TV – What It is & How to Use It? Highlighting Features & Available Shows

You must have wondered what IFVOD TV is, while you are searching for a streaming platform to watch your favorite shows and movies with a minimal burden on your pocket. If you want to know more about this IFVOD, then you are at the right place. The ways in which people stream television are changing these days.

Many Other streaming services are now available for users to watch their favorite shows, channels, and movies in high definition in the comfort of their homes.

Here, we have tried to cover everything related to it, from what IFVOD TV actually is to how to install it on different devices and enjoy a seamless Chinese streaming service experience using it. So, stay tuned!

What IFVOD Actually Offers?

IFVOD offers a new streaming service that lets you watch video content including movies, Chinese shows, and TV programs on all devices including mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. It is founded by a Chinese company in 2006 and was available to Chinese users for a while after that. Now, it is available for streaming for users worldwide.

The languages available are English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It lets the users watch videos of their personalized recommendations, and a choice of watching censored and uncensored content as well.  It also enables users to stream online or offline.

Hence, users belonging to a diverse backgrounds would be able to enjoy the streaming.

How to Use IFVOD?

Now, the main question on your mind would be, how to watch IFVOD from your device. And we have the answer to that!

As the streaming service is free, you can use it on any device to view your desired new content.

First, you need to have a compatible device, and a strong internet connection to stream IFVOD movies. Once you have created the account successfully on the website, then you can browse the original content as per your preferences on it.

best streaming service is IFVOD

There are no subscription charges for it, which means you won’t have to pay a single penny to subscribe to IFVOD for streaming movies, videos, channels, Traditional TV shows, documentaries, and other content.

You can also use BiliBili to stream your favorite movies, anime, and favorite show online for free.

Which Shows and Movies are available to Watch on IFOVD?

ifvod tv
IFVOD Streaming on Apple iMac

Many famous shows and movies are available on IFVOD for its users absolutely free. This means that users can switch from popular streaming platforms including Netflix, amazon prime video. Hulu, and Disney+ to IFOVD with nothing to lose from their end.

Here is a list of popular Television shows available on the IFVOD app that you can watch.

  1. Nirvana in Fire (2015)
  2. Ashes of Love (2018)
  3. Love Me If You Dare (2015)
  4. Every Night (2018)
  5. IPartment (2009)
  6. Eternal Love (2017)
  7. The King’s Woman (2017)
  8. Love Like The Galaxy (2022)
  9. Dream Of The Red Chamber (1987)
  10. The Story Of Ming Lan (2018)

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular movies you can stream and enjoy on ifovd TV.

  1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  2. An Elephant Sitting Still (2018)
  3. Kaili Blues (2015)
  4. Stray Dogs (2013)
  5. The Farewell (2013)
  6. Drug War (2012)
  7. A Simple Life (2011)
  8. Winter Vacation (2010)
  9. Let The Bullets Fly (2010)
  10. Farewell My Concubine (1993)

These are just some of my favorites that you can watch from IFVOD tv’s huge library, but there are hundreds more movies and shows available there for you. You just need to download the apk file of IFVOD and register on it for free. You can also enjoy streaming movies by clicking here.

Highlighting Features of IFVOD

There are some most prominent features of this IFovd tv, which make it stand out from its competitors in the streaming industry. Some of these are

Live Broadcasts

If you are interested in watching the current news, ongoing sports, or news programs, then you just need to search IFVOD app download and proceed with it.

Then you will be able to enjoy the live broadcasts without any kind of delay. This eliminates the need to watch TV or pay a hundred bucks for the same service that you can just enjoy for free.

High Broadcast Quality

Most of the time, services that are free or require a minimum spend, do not support high-quality HD content. The content is either missing some parts or is too blurry to enjoy streaming. But, that is not the case with IFVOD tv, as it provides high broadcast quality always.

And, the most fascinating thing about watching movies and favorite TV shows is watching HD quality content.

Absolutely Free Service

The best thing about streaming on this app is that it is absolutely free for all users worldwide. Initially, it was available for the Chinese, but after some time the founders made it free for anyone to use and stream their favorite content belonging to any genre.

No Commercials

Another great thing about streaming shows or movies on this streaming service is that you do not have to watch commercials or advertisements as you have on satellite cable or other alternatives. You can even watch TV series, without waiting for them to be broadcasted on cable TV.

A Variety of Content is Available on IFVOD

There are literally more than 1000 Chinese TV Shows available with many benefits here with your single click. You can watch them anywhere, anytime at your own ease. You can watch cartoons and anime as well using IFVOD tv. Hence, forget about missing out on your loved shows!

Supports Different Languages

Since only a part of the population can understand Chinese, IFOVD works with languages including Portuguese, Spanish, English, Russian, and Arabic.

Hence, people belonging to almost all parts of the world can enjoy streaming their favorite Chinese TV shows by installing IFVOD on their devices.

IFVOD Alternatives & Competitors

The internet is filled with a variety of streaming services wither paid or free. Let’s have a look at some of the major competitors of IFVOD from Similar Web, and their pros and cons that would help us decide if we should opt for it or not.

ifvod alternatives from similarweb
  1. ifsp tv english
  2. ifun tv
  3. 1point3acres
  4. overleaf
  5. dnvod
  6. iyf tv
  7. xinduonao
  8. Yamibuy
  9. Dealmoon
  10. Olatv
  11. olevod
  12. Inmi
  13. Hao123
  14. 15funtv
  15. Timegate
  16. 14tv
  17. Duonaolive
  18. Huaren
  19. Guruin
  20. Hotbak


It is another online streaming platform based in the USA, but most of the viewers are from China. People can watch their shows, movies, documentaries, presentations, and much more content on ifsp tv same as IFVOD.

One difference in both platforms is that the traffic on ifsp comes from USA and China, but the traffic comes from all over the globe, hence making it a more popular platform.

Duonao TV

duonao tv is another streaming platform for lovers of Chinese TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and everything. It is very similar to in terms of usage, as one has to download the apk application first, register on it, and then move on to watch their favorite content on it.

One main difference between duonao and the main app is that it offers most of its shows in Mandarin or Chinese only. Although it has English subtitles, multiple audio tracks are not available.

So, duonao tv has a library of hundreds of Chinese and Western shows and movies, but if you want to enjoy those in your native language, then you should opt for IFVOD.


One more famous alternative to IFVOD is ifun tv which is also home to hundreds of Chinese TV series and movies for users all across the globe. It was first aired in  Africa in 2006, but now it is available to a global audience.

The only demerit of iFun tv is that it does not contain original high-quality content. The content is mostly copied or pirated for its users.

How to install the IFVOD apk on Android Device?

You can install your IFVOD on your Android smartphone, tablet, or Android TV just as easily as any other application.

To download the .apk installation file of the app, you can just search for “ IFVOD app download apk“.

The file will start downloading.

Now, if your device asks for permission to install from unknown sources, then you need to click on “Agree”. This is only asked by the Android device when the applications are downloaded from somewhere other than the Google Play store. 

After a few minutes, the application would be installed and ready for you to use.

Important FAQs

Is the IFVOD app available on iOS?

Yes, you can install and use the IFVOD app on iOS devices including your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can use this application package (IFVOD apk) method to install the application on any of your iOS devices as well. Moreover, the app ios are also available on App Store to download for your devices.

Hence, Android and iOS users both can enjoy streaming and watching high-quality content.

Note: Amazon Fire TV users can also enjoy multiple videos by streaming IFVOD on their devices.

Why Should You Opt For IFVOD?

If streaming and watching shows and movies for free is your eternal desire, then IFVOD is one of the best options currently available in the market. The high-quality content, in multiple languages available for a global audience, with the ease of watching anytime or anywhere. 

There is a wide range of TV Shows and Movies available at your click on a single platform. You can watch live broadcasts of your desired TV programs without the fear of missing them due to satellite issues while watching cable TV.

Final Verdict

So, you can just download the IFVOD app and register on it for absolutely free. Chinese users can understand that watching the desired content on TV through live streaming services like Sohu and iQiyi is becoming difficult day by day due to several restrictions on the content and suffering from low-quality movies and shows.

Most of the streaming problems have been resolved by IFVOD. But if you want to view the content without worrying about censorship and geo-location, then you need to have a paid subscription.

The paid subscription only costs $9 a month, making it more affordable than all other alternatives.  But, you get the most out of its free version that most streaming services fail to provide these days.

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