Benefits of Using Large Format Printing to Make Your Business Stand Out

Large format printing offers your business a large space to market your products and services. The high visibility of your content, graphics, images, and text helps deliver your brand message effectively to a larger audience. Popular forms of large format printing that most businesses use are banners, posters, pull-up banners, decals, stickers, canvas printing, vehicle branding, signage, etc.

With its low cost and lasting impression, large format printing is a cost-effective print marketing tool available. The market for large format printing is slowly rising, and more companies are turning to large format printing to help their brands grow. Hiring an excellent printing shop like craftsmenind will help you bring out your message. 

Let’s first look at what large format printing is.

What’s large format printing?

Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing, is printing large designs or graphics onto large rolls of paper or other materials. It requires special equipment and larger printers than standard commercial units. The large format printers are considered to be those with a maximum width of eighteen to a hundred inches.

The development of digital technology and software tools such as AI and cloud-based computing has made large format printing more accessible and more productive than ever before. It’s now possible to control your printers remotely, and then set them to run and even operate overnight. Newer models have been developed to report their faults.

What are the uses of large format printing?

This usually varies from supplier to supplier, but large format printing is mostly used to produce larger graphics for marketing branding and advertising purposes. They can take many forms, but things such as construction sites’ branding, fleet, and vehicle vinyl wraps, and printed retail graphics and displays are some of the most common examples for this format.

Like outdoor advertising, such adverts are intended to be displayed to a large audience and viewed from a distance. For this particular reason, the use of large graphics is required, and it would be impractical to stitch together a large number of small images to create a larger one.

Benefits of Using Large Format Graphics for Your Business

It increases brand visibility.

Large format printing takes your typical picture and transforms it into amazing large printouts. If you’ve heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, never has there been a more accurate sentence when it comes to explaining what large format printing entails. Picture how appealing an image of your customers enjoying your products or services would be to a potential client, especially if it’s an attractive image specifically catered to your target audience.

Large format printing will increase your brand visibility. It creates the perfect way for your brand to be noticed by creating an emotional and mental reaction in your potential clients, as they can easily recognize your brand due to the presence it has. 

Large high-quality graphics are a great way to catch the consumers’ eye. When you use the right colors and images to brand your large format printing, you leave a massive impression on your target audience.

Increases the visual distance

If you’re using large format printing in your marketing campaign, you can create beautiful campaigns that will include your best branding and graphics. Visually speaking, large format printing will catch the eye of your target audience from a distance. For example, you’re walking down a busy street, and on the right is a Mexican restaurant, while on the left is an Italian restaurant.

The Italian restaurant is beautifully decorated, old-fashioned with a lovely chalkboard out front showing the day’s specials. On the other hand, the Mexican restaurant has bright-colored, big window prints and a tall A-frame board at the entrance. Between the two, which one do you think will catch your eye? Definitely the Mexican restaurant.

Your brand becomes legible from a far-off distance, which helps potential customers choose and make decisions based on how far your business attracted their attention. Picture a bright advert with beautiful images on social media, something flashy; you stopped to look at it, right?

Large format printing is great for retail.

If you own a retail store, large format printing is great because it can have an immediate impression on the potential customers who come to your store. Not only will it give an excellent first impression, but it will be a lasting one. Large format printing done professionally can create a stylish and professional look throughout your entire store. You should contact the companies with wholesale printing to improve your profit margins.

Hanging signage or a banner that can be read from a distance in the store can help customers navigate their way around the store, and easily guide your customers to your promotions and queuing systems.

Large format printing in a retail store can also tie your brand together from your store’s entrance to the back and everywhere in between. Ensure that you match your posters and sales promotion boards with your brand colors throughout your entire space.

The more you remind your audience and customers of where they are, the more likely they are to come back and even become loyal customers.


Large format printing gives you complete versatility. This is because it’s easily adaptable to all sorts of marketing materials. You can move between banners and posters to stickers and window prints in the blink of an eye.

Once you’ve come up with a list of deliverables, speak with your print shop and discuss how they can adjust your current large format graphics to fit the items you’d like to include in your marketing campaign. A professional print shop will get your business noticed using their large format graphics across various mediums.


When it comes down to effective marketing strategies, large format printing is among the best with the increased visual aspect, brand visibility, and other benefits we’ve discussed. There’s no denying that it should be part of how you market your business.

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