How Can Live Chat Lead Generation Maximize Your Sales?

In the 21st century, having a strong online presence is all that’s going to determine whether your business will become the next big thing or thing.

And according to the experts of the field, live chat lead generation can play quite a vital role in it. Especially if your business is service or product-providing-based.

Most of us consider having a website for the business is enough. But that’s not true at all. By considering the number of competitive pressure businesses around the globe face, having a simple services website will not be enough.

Having a website is important, but keeping the website engaging and responsive for the user is more important. That’s why corporations and businesses around the globe pay special attention to keep their official company site up to date.

And the best way to turn casual page visitors into paying clients is to engage them with the site on a personalized level. 

Blog posts, pre-designed FAQs, custom packages, etc are some of the best practices to do so. But these days, the added live chat feature can help your site get a 40% high customer interactive ratio.

But What Exactly Lead Generations Are and Why Are They Needed?

According to verified reports and surveys conducted throughout the globe, people around the globe prefer to go through services offered by a company through their official site. Rather than visiting the office in person.

And these stats are acceptable for all business types around the globe equally. As a result, great corporations are required to put their extra effort to keep their websites up to date.

Let’s say you offer services related to graphic designing. You have a super eye-catching website design for your official company website as well. But there’s a downside.

You haven’t added any pre-answered FAQs, any pre-designed service packages and plans, no blog posts to educate your audience. 

And unfortunately, no live chat feature as well. With all of this keeping in mind, there’s no way your website will be able to convert a great number of website visitors into potential customers.

So, you decided to add all these amazingly visitor-engaging features to your website. As a result, the number of potential high-paying leads generated through your website starts to increase dramatically.

This shows how important audience engagement is to generate potential leads for your business.

Live Chat: the Best Way To Organically Increase Lead Generation Count

There are many features, as discussed above that can aid in increasing the potential lead generation count of your website. But as experts say, the live chat feature is truly unbeatable in terms of increasing visitor engagement.

The live chat feature allows the visitor to contact a company representative through chat then and there. This can help a lot to solve any last moment queries popping up in the mind of the visitor.

Also, the sense of engaging in conversation with a real professional is itself quite appealing. After all, we all are social animals indeed.

But the whole live chat feature can also be converted into an automatic bot response system for an immediate and 24-hour system. 

The bot is pre-loaded with answers to commonly asked questions. But if the question asked by the website visitor may get out of the pre-loaded answers of the answer, it can always divert the remaining chat to a human representative.

Results and data gathered from some of the top-notch websites around the globe in terms of live chat features show promising results as well. The majority of the queries responded within the first 5 minutes of the chat increases the odds of a potential lead generation.

How To Integrate Live Chat Successfully Into Your Website?

Now let’s talk about how to use website live chat to generate leads? First of all, remember one thing. Not all of the website pages require live chat integration. Of course, you can add this feature to every webpage if you think it will be great for your sight.

Based on expert advice, not all web pages of a website get an equal amount of page visits. There are certain pages of the website that attract more and more page visitors. 

So, it is a much better idea to integrate the live chat feature on these web pages alone. It will also reduce the overall webpage lagging as well.

Another great approach you can use is to involve an AI in the lead chat feature. The AI will help the workflow become more laminar as well. Most of the live chat-based AI bots we have today do come with a response time of seconds.

And don’t forget to use a pre-written welcome or introductory message. If you’re not comfortable with using an AI, this message will be your first response to the query.

As the message is going to be pre-written and timed to be dispatched as soon as the visitor is going to put his query in, this will give the staff some additional time to respond to the query as well.

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