Top Manufacturers of Robots

The modern economy is closely related to automation and robotization. Most of the processes for creating microchips, computer components, and other devices involve robots. The world needs machines that can participate in subtle mechanical processes. That is why many companies have been able to become market leaders. Here are the top manufacturers of robots you should know about.

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical is one of the market leaders. The company is known for the creation of the Da Vinci surgical system. This robotic device can perform complex operations that are difficult for ordinary doctors. It is worth noting that the company was founded in 1999 and aimed to create medical systems that minimize invasive surgical operations. Intuitive Surgical pioneered the industry and is still one of the foremost surgical companies worldwide.

Fanuc Corp

Fanuc Corp is a company renowned for its advanced robotic machines, CNC systems, and ultra-precision machines. One of the main directions of the company is the creation of robots that help simplify production processes. Fanuc Corp also has one of the largest test factories where robotic mechanisms are developed, and new engineering samples are tested. By the way, the company employs almost eight thousand employees, most of whom live in Japan.

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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is one of the largest American manufacturers of robots, automation systems, and special equipment for the control of industrial systems. The company is known for its innovative solutions and advanced problem recognition algorithms. What’s more, Rockwell Automation is one of the largest suppliers of robotic hardware to the US Army. However, the main vector of production is aimed at industrial control panels and automated engineering solutions.

KION Group

KION Group is a company that creates robotic systems for the automotive industry. In particular, the company aims to create an autonomous robot assistant that controls all processes in the vehicle. In addition, the KION Group creates robotic equipment for manufacturing processes and product analysis. Overall, the company is the industry leader in terms of the number of robots built and sold.

Seiko Epson

Many people mistakenly believe that this Japanese company is only engaged in creating printers and office equipment. But the largest division of Epson develops robots for industrial use. Most robotic systems aim to speed up assembly line assembly and simulate new devices. Thanks to a unique programmable algorithm, Epson robots are popular among manufacturers of equipment and electronics.

Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor is one of the leaders in the robotics industry. The company is developing SCARA robots, articulated robots, cartesian robots, and other devices. One of the company’s distinctive features is advanced software and a perfectly debugged conveyor. All the robots created are very efficient and help automate the creation of engineering devices and consumer products.

Yaskawa Electric

This Japanese company is known for creating smart robots that help automate the process of manufacturing equipment and electronics. In addition, Yaskawa Electric has created robots for spot and seamless welding. The key feature of all the company’s products is resistance to temperature extremes and adverse weather conditions.


ABB is an internationally renowned company specializing in industrial robots, smart manipulators, controllers, and programmable engineering machines. In addition, the company creates software and industrial computers to speed up production processes and minimize the risk of disruptions. Currently, the company employs more than 140 thousand worldwide, but the headquarters are located in Switzerland.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies is an American company known for SmartSight, a robot serving customers in stores and retail chains. The company focuses on smart algorithms and the creation of electronics for automating trading processes. In addition, Zebra Technologies has created an innovative robotic scanner to recognize barcodes, symbols, and technical markings.


iRobot is one of the leaders in the artificial intelligence industry. The company develops robots to control smart homes and industrial plants. In addition, iRobot creates innovative devices and software packages for drivers, transportation companies, and utility lines. The company also creates machine tools with the ability to program production cycles. Most of the products are sold in the USA and Europe.

Final Words

As you can see, these are the largest manufacturers of robots and robotic solutions for companies. Modern technology has taken a significant leap forward thanks to each of the above companies. In particular, many factories have integrated artificial intelligence systems and mechanical quality control devices, thanks to these companies. Most likely, within the next 30 years, these companies will be able to create advanced robots with autonomous intelligence and self-learning functions.

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