4 Apps Designed to Help Your Mental Health

It is stunning to think of the resources most of us in the modern era carry around in our pockets. Cell phones have so many uses, including applications that can help boost your mental health. 

The importance of mental health apps cannot be emphasized enough. The ability to have apps that can help you catch your breath during a stressful day or remember to practice relaxing techniques are incredible inventions that many people could benefit from if they were more aware of them. These apps can also help you decide if seeing a therapist is the right decision for you. You can learn more about mental health resources by picking out an article from MyTherapist that will lead you to helpful tips. 

Many mental health apps do different things for your benefit and one size does not always fit all. Below are four apps that represent a small slice of the resources available and are designed to help your mental health. 


Available on iTunes and Google Play, this is the only app featured in this article that requires you to pay for a monthly or yearly fee. Headspace helps you focus on breathing, staying calm, and creating conditions for a good night’s sleep. 

The app includes a new meditation every day for your benefit. If you decide to spend the money, know that the developers are mindful of your choice and are dedicated to providing one new meditation each day that may help you with improving your mental health.

Along with daily meditations, Headspace provides sleep exercises, bedtime sounds, and assistance winding down from a hard day. The purpose of the app is to help you feel calm, and if you believe the price of admission is worthwhile, then you may see some improvement to your mental health.


SuperBetter is a free tool that is accessible from iTunes and the Google Play store. The app helps you through your struggles by developing activities that push you to become stronger and more resilient. Since it was developed by game developers, SuperBetter treats your goals as games.

For every goal you accomplish, you can push a button to check it off and give yourself a sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, you can add friends and use their help to push past your goals.

Other helpful features include activating certain power-ups that can incentivize you to complete your tasks. One more helpful addition is community groups. You can join people who are trying to reach similar goals. You may even meet strangers who you can add as friends and work together to accomplish your mission.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles takes the cake when it comes to free apps that also help incredible charity organizations. Available on iTunes and Google Play, Charity Miles allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice by walking, running, or biking on a trail. If you are an avid walker, then this app is perfect since it costs no money and your walks will now help charities. 

Through the app, you can create a pledge page. On this page, friends can sponsor you, and the more friends who pledge, the more money you earn for charities. You can also win prizes depending on how much money you earned.

While many people earn money by doing marathons or 5ks, you can now do it year-round even if you are not participating in a race. Charity Miles can sync with your phone’s health app, ao any time you are exercising for your mental and physical health, even if you do not have the app open, you could be earning money for charity.    


Our last free app is Happify, readily available on iTunes and Google Play store. The app helps you reduce stress and overcome negative thoughts by providing various tools and programs. 

The crux of the app is its tracks. There are 30 plus tracks in the app, each track involving what you want to overcome. When you install the app, you can fill out a questionnaire, and the app will recommend tracks for you. 

The app tracks your progress each day as a means of encouraging you to do your best. If you like the app and want more out of it, there are paid plans you can consider as well. 

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