10 Cool Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Whether you accept it or not, we all are addicted to our smartphones. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Rather than wasting time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, some apps can make your life easier. 

Here are our favorite apps that you didn’t know you needed. Start downloading!

1. Keep 

Keep is a versatile note-taking app by Google. You can use it to make notes or write shopping lists. Keep has several advantages over other note-taking apps. In particular, you can easily share items between Keep and other Google platforms such as Docs, Gmail, and Drive. You can also use this app to record and transcribe audio notes. 

2. WinIt

Did you receive a ticket in the mail for a traffic violation that you didn’t commit? Instead of blaming your bad luck and paying for it, you have the right to dispute it. WinIt is a traffic ticket app that allows you to contest traffic or parking tickets easily. And you only have to pay for the service if your ticket is totally dismissed. 

3. Mint

There are so many bills to pay, expenses to record, and credit scores to track as an adult. Without a well-structured budget in place, your personal finances will be a mess. Mint makes it easy to track savings and spending. 

4. Planta

Do you always end up killing indoor plants no matter how hard you try? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. For example, you may have bought plants that are not right for your space, or you’re watering them too much. Planta is an app that does everything from analyzing the lighting in your home to identifying the plant. And accordingly, it sends reminders about watering, fertilizing, misting, cleaning, and repotting plants. 

5. Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep is crucial for your overall well-being. If you feel like you’re always tired despite sleeping for adequate hours, it’s possible that you’re not sleeping well. Download the Sleep Cycle app that tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns. This can be helpful in figuring out what you can do for better sleep.

6. Headspace

Whether you are a teenager or in your 60s, life is stressful. And if you don’t do something about your stress levels, it’s going to impact your health. Have you tried guided meditation? Use Headspace to practice meditation every day for a few minutes or any duration that works for you. Meditation can help alleviate stress and anxiety. 

7. Think Dirty

If you are trying to lead a more sustainable life, it’s important to start using eco-friendly products. However, many brands are not upfront about their ingredients. Think Dirty is an excellent app for learning about ingredients in your beauty, personal care, and household products. All you have to do is scan the barcode, and you’ll have all the information you need. 

8. Book Notes

There are so many great books out there but simply not enough time to read them all. Whether you’re too busy or don’t have the patience to read, Book Notes is the app for you. This app summarizes key takeaways from bestselling books, which you can easily read in 15 minutes or less. It’s also useful for deciding if a book is worth reading.

9. SuperCook

Deciding what to cook for dinner every night is an adult life struggle that’s rarely talked about. Download SuperCook to find recipes that use ingredients in your pantry. 

10. Parent Cue

Parenting is hard. Especially when you’re a new parent without a single clue about how to make time with your child meaningful. Parenting apps make things a lot easier for you. Parent Cue is an app designed to help parents be more intentional with their children. This app gives you prompts to engage with your child. 

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