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Home renovation and home improvements are some of the tasks that every homeowner likes to do. What can be better than taking proper care of the place you live? But for good care, you need appropriate tools, and The Home Depot Inc. is the right store for it.

The Home Depot provides all kinds of home improvement essentials. Things such as kitchen remodeling tools, decoration ideas, furniture, lighting, flooring, storage, gardening products, and much more are available at this store. In short, it is a one-stop shop for home improvement.

The Home Depot is one of the top retailers of the US, which earned $33.5 billion in the third quarter of 2020 and is ranked #26 on the Fortune 500n list.

If you are looking for details on the MyApron employee login portal and self-service portal, then you are at the right place. Let us first start with the basics of what is MyApron web portal?

MyApron Web Portal

Myapron is a web portal designed especially for the employees and associates working at The Home Depot. The web portal helps the employees access their work schedule, work hours, payslips, pay schedules, and much more. No outsider can access the MyApron web portal, as it requires login credentials and because the web portal works on the company’s network.

enter to login
Enter To Login

When the employees are not in the company’s network, they can not log in to their MyApron portal. Moreover, employees do not have the option to log in from their mobile phones to the MyApron web portal. These are the only restrictions of this portal. But, these conditions are better for security purposes.

However, on the other hand, the MyApron portal can be accessed even when the employee is not using the company’s network. Furthermore, the employees can access the MyApron portal account through mobile phones at ease. So, in case the employees need to access their portal from home, they need to visit It will open the employee website. Now let us dive into the details of logging into these portals.

What Is Myapron? And How to Access the Portal?

It might be confusing, but MyApron and MyTHDHR are the same portals. These are the same portals with different restrictions. MyApron is a part of a much larger portal called Myapron. MyApron portal can only be accessed through the company’s network, whereas Myapron can be accessed from anywhere and through mobile phones.

Myapron is an employee online portal. Employees can view their payrolls, manage their work schedule, and check on their working hours through this web platform. Also, they can check on the company news of The Home Depot.

Moreover, there is an Employee Self Service(ESS) for The Home Depot workers. The self-service portal helps the employees to change and update various information about themselves. Employees can even check historical payslips, tax statements, change tax withholdings, change email addresses, and much more.

Furthermore, unlike MyApron web portal, My THDHR portal provides two login portals. One login portal is for the current employees of the company. The other login portal is for the former employees of the company. We will now discuss how both the current and former employees of the company can log in to the MyTHDHR Employee Self Service portal.

How to Login to the Myapron Self Service Portal?

As said earlier, the Myapron Employee Self Service portal provides employees with two different login options. One login portal is for the current employees and the other login portal is for the former employees of the company. Following are the steps to access both of them.

Current Employees

Steps to access the current employees portal are as below.

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Visit the Self-Service portal. It will open the login screen for the current employees of the company.
  3. Enter your username or ID.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on the Login button.

The login credentials are verified. Upon verification, the current employee portal dashboard comes up.

Former Employees

Steps to access the former employees portal are as below.

Open the web browser.

  1. Visit the Employee Self-Service link. This login portal will be different from the previous portal. It is because this portal is designed specifically for the former employees of the company. Moreover, the login credentials of the former employees are different too.
  2. On this login page, you need to enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number. Also, solve captcha for security purposes.
  3. Next, click on the “Continue to Security Validation” option.
  4. It will then take you to the Home Depot Associate login page.
myapron former employees link

How to Login to the MyApron Account?

Logging in to MyApron account is pretty simple. Here are the few steps you need to follow to log in to the MyApron account. Remember, it is essential to know your login credentials for it.

  1. Open the internet browser.
  2. Visit the MyApron link.
  3. It will open the login page for the Myapron website. The page will have two fields asking you for your login credentials.
  4.  Fill up the first field with your email address.
  5. Fill up the second field with your password.
  6. If you wish to stay login, check the Stay Signed box.
  7. After entering all the details, click on the sign-in button. 
myapron login
MyApron Login Page

It will open the home screen of the My Apron account at Home Depot Inc.

How to Reset the Home Depot MyApron Login Password?

Logging in to MyApron account looks pretty simple, and it is as well. But, at times, the situation comes when the employer forgets the login credentials. Forgetting passwords is one of the most common situations that comes up. For this purpose, almost all web portals now provide the option to reset the password. Likewise, The MyApron web portal provides the option to reset passwords. Here are the steps to reset the password easily.

  1. Open the internet browser.
  2. Visit the login page at the link MyApron portal.
  3. At this portal, click on the Forgot Password option below the password field.
  4. It will direct you to another page.
  5. The page will ask for your email address. Type in your email address in the given field.
  6. Click on the Submit button.
  7. After clicking on the submit button, check the email in your inbox, and click on the link you receive.
  8.  The click will ask you to reset your password.
  9. Type in the new password and then confirm it in the field below.
  10. Click on the Reset Password button.
  11. Your password will be changed, to the newly entered password.
  12. You can check your new password by logging into MyApron account with the new password.

All About Home Depot MyApron

The Home Depot is one of the most famous home improvement retailers around the world. It provides customers with all the accessories and tools to improve the home in any possible way. From lighting and construction equipment to furniture, you can find almost everything at the Home Depot store.

The Home Depot store was founded by Bernard Marcus, Ron Brill Pat Farrah, Kenneth Langone, and Arthur Blank in 1978. The headquarters of Home Depot is in Georgia, with the mailing address of Atlanta. The company is working for 43 years with love, passion, and hard work to make the company the top retailer globally. The success was slow but was worth it. The hard work of 43 constant years brought it to the top of the retail industry.

The four hard-working founders of the store progressed slowly. Firstly, they brought two home improvement stores in metro Atlanta. For that, they took a loan from the banks and leased space for stores. After two years of progress, they set up their stores and cleared all loans. Next, they went public in the NASDAQ stock market. After two years, they jumped into a new trend and joined the NYSE.

They were building up their empire with love and passion. As the business grew and became popular, they expanded the stores to Florida, Hollywood, and Dallas. Their stock value was increasing and likewise their number of stores as well. Now the Home Depot is the largest retail industry and operates in more than 2,312 locations around the world. It has its branches in different countries like China, India, Mexico, and Canada.

Being on top is not easy. Home Depot had to go through a lot of controversies such as the Patent law controversy, payment system breach, the Whistleblower case, EEOC disability discrimination suit, and much more. But the company remained firm and dealt with all the controversies elegantly. As a result, they are now on top, and everyone praises their success.

Moreover, the company takes great care of its employees and provides them with various benefits along with the salary. You want to know the benefits right? Here they are.

Home Depot MyApron Employee Benefits

Home Depot Inc is a multinational company that operates around the world with thousands of stores. Obviously, people working under such a huge company will have various perks and benefits apart from their usual salaries. According to the research and several reports, an employee at The Home Depot earns $10-$16 depending upon the job title. It means the average pay of random workers at the Home Depot company is between $11-$13.

Apart from the monthly salary, the company keeps its employees happy with several other benefits. Some of the benefits employees get are as below.

1. Health Benefits

The Home Depot employees get several health benefits from the company. They even receive life, dental, vision, and disability insurance from the company. In case of bad health, the company provides its employees with paid leaves. The company also has a policy for the insurance of little family members of the employees. In case of temporary or permanent disability, the company provides full support to its employees. Moreover, the former employees of the company can also enjoy some limited medical perks.

Furthermore, Home Depot provides an option called Teladoc. From this option, the employees can contact the doctor 24/7 and can get prescriptions instantly.

Also, for the good health of the employees, the company provides gyming membership as well. No gym freak wants to miss out on the chance!

2. Financial Benefits

Which employee does not love having the financial benefits from the company? Everyone does! So, the company provides some great financial benefits to its employees. Along with the pay, the company gives bonuses to its employees depending upon the quality of work and the number of hours employees work. Moreover, the employees can also have a 401(K) retirement plan from the company. Furthermore, the company offers HSA, stock options, monthly, yearly, or quarterly bonuses. With these, the company also provides paid leaves, tuition reimbursement, discounts on store items, and much more. In short, the company takes care of the employees in every possible way they can.

3. Other Benefits of MyApron

Apart from health and financial benefits, The Home Depot facilitates its employees with many other benefits. Some of them are as below.

  1. Work from home option.
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Family support
  4. Employee assistance programs
  5. Employee training programs.
  6. Growth opportunities
  7. Professional Health care support
  8. and much more.

If you are looking for a great environment with many promotion opportunities and benefits, then Home Depot is the best place for it. It has a friendly working environment and takes great care of its employees in any way possible.

How to Apply for Careers at Home Depot MyApron?

All the above-mentioned benefits might attract you a lot. And probably you are thinking of a way to join the company. We are here for your help! In this article, we will explain the stepwise procedure to apply for careers at Home Depot.

There are various jobs, and applying for them is simple. There is a separate website for Careers at Home Depot, and applying is easy. You just need to be clear of the job position you are looking for and be confident that you will surely get it. Below are the easy steps to apply.

  1. Open the internet browser.
  2. Visit the link. The careers webpage will open up.
  3. On the front of the page, there will be a search bar. You can search for the job of your choice through it.
  4. You can also apply filters on the job. Like the job at a specific location and specific job type, zip code, etc. This feature helps sort out relevant jobs easily.
  5. Once you have found the most relevant job, you can click on it and preview the job details. The job details will include the requirements from the employee, working hours, responsibilities, perks, and other information. 
  6. After reviewing the job details; if you think you are suitable for this position, then you can apply for the job by clicking on the Apply button.
  7. Next, finish the application process by signing in to the Home Depot account.
  8. If you already do not have an account, you can create a new account. Else, go with your old login credentials and finish the application process.
  9. The application will ask for some basic information about you, your education, and your experience. Fill in the details and apply.

The board will review your application and will inform you if you are one of the suitable candidates for the job or not.


Home Depot is a one-stop-shop for all the home improvement accessories and tools. If you are an employee at the company, then you will surely get discounts on the store items, as well as other benefits. My Apron is a web portal for the employees, which eases the life of employees as well as associates. It helps reduce the employee queries about the working hours, payrolls, salary slips, working schedule, and much more. In this article, we have provided you with all details about logging into the portal, recovering the account, and benefits. We are sure, going through the article you surely want to join the company and enjoy the work environment and benefits.


What is Home Depot MyApron Self-Service?

Home Depot Self Service is a web portal for the employees of the company. This web portal allows the employees to view and change some of the employees’ information. Moreover, employees can check their salary slips, payroll, tax statements and view their historical payslips as well.

How can you access your payslips and history at HD?

The payslips and history at Home Depot can be accessed through the MyApron account. And for MyApron account, you need to have valid login credentials.

How to apply for careers at HD MyApron?

Applying for Careers is easy. First, log in to Then, search for the most relevant job for yourself, preview information about the job. Then, fill out an application form and apply for it. More details are in the article above.

Who can use the Home Depot MyApron associate login?

Only the employees of the Home Depot can use the Home Depot associate login. They are given login credentials through which they can access the web portal.

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