4 Tech Hacks That Can Revolutionize Your Recruiting Process

If you aren’t utilizing tech to advance your recruiting processes, you aren’t doing it right. Before, technology like apps, productivity trackers, and training software seemed strange and imposing, like they’d take forever to figure out how to work.

Nowadays, they incorporate seamlessly with all your other digital processes. Learn what tech hacks will work best for your business, and kiss the days of months-long recruiting processes involving mountains of paperwork goodbye. 

1. Phase in a Digital Training Platform

Digital training apps and platforms are a must if you want to keep everyone on the same level of training and experience. They’re great if you need to do company-wide training or if you notice certain employees are struggling to catch up with specific tasks.

With a platform like the Learn to Win app, you can utilize microlearning and gamified lessons to keep employees focused and energized. Using the app’s analytic tracking feature, you can easily spot where gaps in knowledge lie. Adjust how you delegate responsibilities and even adjust the workflow if employees consistently underperform certain tasks.

With a digital training platform, you don’t need to learn to code or hire a developer. In-program controls allow you to design your own questions and easily circulate them among your soon-to-be employees to get to know them instantly.

2. Embrace AI Solutions

You can also use AI to eliminate bias and prejudice from your hiring process. That’s just one of the fantastic things you can do when you build AI processes into your overall recruiting strategy.

See past the artificial divisions that keep talented candidates hidden and spotlight run-of-the-mill candidates who are already going on three interviews a day. 

At the same time, it’s crucial to be cautious about AI and realize it is not the end-all, be-all solution. Algorithms, which have been shown to harbor the same prejudices as the people who design them and worsen racial bias, show the limits of AI systems are the limits of the developers. 

3. Integrate Applicant Tracking

Another example of software that uses AI technology but deserves a special shoutout is Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS. A report from JobScan showed that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS in their recruiting processes. 

With an ATS, you can centralize all your different tasks, lists, and organizational systems into one place and instantly share everyone on each update. Delegate easily, schedule interviews with the click of your finger, and navigate cancellations and rescheduling requests without having to sort through the paperwork.

4. Deepen Your Candidate Pool with Software

Recruiting software like talent rediscovery can be built into your ATS to deepen the pool of candidates you’re seeing and to spotlight the best candidates from those pools. 

Keep track of internal referrals, log which employees who have made referrals have been accordingly rewarded, and mingle those candidates with externally sourced candidates for maximum coverage.

Building a Better Team

Be mindful of the kind of team you want to build. You can use technology to expand your vision outward and attract people with the same values, drive, and work ethic. 

With technology like digital training platforms, AI, ATS, and recruiting software, it’s never been easier to build the best team. 

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