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Run 3 – Unblocked Games 76 – A Detailed Overview – 2024

We all like to do something entertaining in our free time, don’t we? Some people like to watch TV, some like to play outdoor sports and stuff while some people enjoy playing games in their spare time. If you like to play games in your spare time and are a fan of playing games from the ‘runner’ genre, then Run 3 unblocked games should be an excellent experience for you. 

What are Run 3 Unblocked Games?

Games sites that are not blocked or created through internet proxy services are known as unblocked game sites.

Unblocked Games wtf is a list of games designed for schools and offices. Run 3 unblocked wtf is one of the games on the list. These websites are restricted and added to blacklists, but people still access them. They are a good way to pass the time and enjoy gaming anywhere.

About Run 3 – Unblocked Games 76

In Run 3 Unblocked Games 76, you play as a small green alien in the infinite map. The game takes place in a network of space tunnels, each of which gets trickier to move through as you advance. Your task is to assist the alien in avoiding obstacles as it travels continuously through the map.

Games like these are a good choice for relieving stress and just enjoying a little free time. If you have hacked Run 3 unblocked then you will really enjoy playing it as it also refreshes your mind.

Where Can You Play Run 3 Unblocked Games 76?

There are multiple websites where you can play Run 3. Run 3 unblocked games 76 can be played on websites like cool math games or you can simply search it up in Google and you will see multiple websites. You can also download the Run 3 unblocked extension on Chrome to play it for free online.

Instructions On Playing Run 3 Unblocked Games 76

run 3 unblocked games
run 3 unblocked games

Unblocked Run 3 has an infinite world for you to explore. The game has very simple and easy controls for maneuvering your alien. You simply use the left and right arrow keys for moving left and right and the up arrow key to jump.

By using these simple controls, you will have to jump through different obstacles in space and go as far as possible. The obstacles will get harder with each level.

Playing Modes

run 3 unblocked games
run 3 unblocked games

Unblocked games run 3 has two playing modes which you can play:

  • Explore Mode
  • Infinite Mode

Explore Mode

You can select explore mode to expand your Galaxy Map’s levels. Along the route, you might run across some pals as well as many new tunnels and locations. Explore mode is very fun overall.

Infinite Mode

Select Infinite Mode to run endlessly. But be sure to monitor your steps! In Infinite Mode, the game ends if you exit the tube. In this mode, power cells are dispersed throughout the tunnels. Power cells can be used to continue your run with a different character.

Run 3 Characters

run 3 gameplay
run 3 gameplay

In this game, you can play as 9 different aliens who all have their different skills. You can unlock these characters by simply playing through the game or if you have enough power cells, you can just unlock them.

Each character is useful for different types of levels. You should try swapping out your character if you are stuck on a level for a while.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Run 3

By following the mentioned tricks below, your gameplay will get better.

Always Focus

Always look in front and stay focused on which obstacles are coming. Make note of all the tunnel’s sides as you plan your upcoming jumps. This will help you avoid obstacles easily and it will make more space for your character to move around.

Jumping Control

Have control over your jumps. Holding down the up arrow key for longer will allow you to jump farther and higher. If you see multiple obstacles, then hold down the upper key for longer but if the obstacles are not a lot, simply tap the upper arrow key. Having control over your jumps will make you better at the game.

Practice Again & Again

We know that practice makes a man perfect. Just by playing the game more, you will become a pro. Infinite mode is a very good way for you to just practice and practice until you perfect your skills.

How to Play Run 3 Unblocked Games 66 at School?

As we know, schools have started blocking games and apps on their network. A large number of websites have been blocked by schools so that they cannot be accessed. This includes gaming websites. So can you play Run 3 at school? 

Yes absolutely, run 3 unblocked 66 is created through an internet proxy and is not blocked by the school network. Though you will be able to access it through your school network, some schools have even started blocking these sites. But don’t worry, you can still access these sites, and here is how. 

For Mobiles

Bypassing these sites on your mobile device will be a lot easier than doing it on a computer. You need to simply download a VPN from your mobile’s app store. Open up the VPN and connect to a different region. This will change your IP tricking the school network and allowing you to bypass the blacklisted sites.

For Computers

The limitations can be lessened by using a portable web browser, like Opera Portable. It is necessary to load it onto a USB stick. Afterward, connect it to a school computer and utilize the USB stick’s browser. Using the USB browser, you will be able to bypass all blacklisted sites.

Games Like Run 3

Run 3 as the name suggests is the third run game in the series. Before Run 3 came out Run and Run 2. These games can also be found on crazy unblocked games sites such as Run 3 Unblocked and Run 2 Unblocked.  

Temple Run is a similar game to Run 3 where you steal an idol from a cave and are fetched by a beast. Your goal is to dodge all obstacles and keep running from the beast behind you. The Temple Run series has 5 titles and you can play Temple Run games on unblocked sites. For example, if you want to play Temple Run 3 unblocked, simply search it up on Google and click on any site. You will be redirected to the page where you can play the game.

Similarly, you have games like Subway Surfers, Crossy Road, hill climb racing, etc. 


Is run available on mobile?

Yes, Run games are available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store for absolutely free.

Is Run 3 suitable for people of all ages?

Yes, Run 3 can be played by anyone whether you are 5 years old or 40+.

What is your objective in run 3?

In run 3, your objective is to go through space while dodging the obstacles trying to get as farther as possible.

Does playing run 3 give you any benefits?

By playing games like Run 3, you will get a better hold on your focus and concentration. Your reaction time will get better as well.


Unblocked games 76 are those games that are not blocked by school and office networks. They are meant to be played in places like schools. Run 3 is a very entertaining and addicting game in which you control an alien and explore space while dodging obstacles. The game overall is a fun experience. You can also contribute to developing Run 3 unblocked GitHub extensions.

Richard is a Tech Geek and a gadget lover. He loves to play games and write about gadgets related to gaming and gaming gadgets.