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Play Free Cool Math Games Unblocked At School – 2024

Not all games can spoil your kids and make them addicted to playing. With cool math games, you can test your mathematical knowledge. Online, there are a ton of fun math games that are both free and safe for kids. So take a seat back and check out the collection of cool math games unblocked we’ve put together for you below. 


Let’s first talk about the unblocked games world. Unblocked games are games that you can play at your school without having to worry about the school network blocking them. They are a fun way of getting entertainment at any place and any time.

There are many cool math games unblocked out there. A lot of them are math related so they help you with maths skills and others are just for entertainment. These games will help you improve your mental skills as they challenge you through math problems. Keep reading to find out more about coolmathgames 66.

Cool math games run unblocked 66

Cool math games aim to both entertain you and educate you. The games frequently contain logical or mathematical challenges and are typically targeted toward kids or young people. Though there are many different kinds of fun math games, some of the most well-liked ones are Sudoku, flash games, and online tests.

Math Mania and Math Blaster are some of the most fun unblocked math games. These games are intended to aid in the learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by young children. These games can assist children in developing their problem-solving abilities in addition to aiding with arithmetic education. Children will want to continue playing them because they are made to be entertaining. 

How to Play Cool Math Games Unblocked 66?

cool math games unblocked
cool math games unblocked

Now that we have figured out what unblocked cool math games are and how fun they can be, let us talk about where you are going to play cool math games unblocked 66. Well, there are many websites to play coolmathgames unblocked. 

Simply go to Google and search for ‘cool math games unblocked’ and you will be presented with many sites where you can go to find any game you want. The game can also be played on a computer by first downloading the game to your computer in order to play it. After downloading, you may launch the game and begin playing.

You must first register for an account before you can join a game and play the game with others in real time. 

Let’s talk about how can you play some popular unblocked games.

  1. Run

Run is a game from the ‘running’ genre of video games. The run series has 3 games, cool math games run, coolmathgamesunblocked run 2, and cool math games unblocked run 3. In this game, your purpose is to control an alien who runs through space. While going through space, you will encounter multiple objects coming your way. Your task is to dodge all of them and get as far as possible. The game has 2 playing modes, explore and infinite. You can play as different characters in the game who all have different skills. Run is overall a very fun game.

  1. Fireboy and Water Girl

Fireboy and water girl is the fifth game in the series. There are 62 levels total, divided into 13 white diamond levels and 49 normal levels, spread throughout 7 different elements. At a typical level, there will be a variety of puzzles to solve, including levers, pushers, boxes, light detectors, mirrors, ice and snow and freeze and melt lights, crystal teleporters, etc. 

Additionally, there will be a few red and blue diamonds to collect; while they are not required to pass the level, doing so will raise your rating. In a white diamond level, a white diamond must be gathered in addition to ordinary red and blue diamonds in order to raise the rating. Otherwise, a white diamond level is very similar to a regular level with the exception that one diamond must be collected in order to pass.

  1. Super Mario 63

Nintendo’s Super Mario 64, Sunshine & Galaxy served as the inspiration for the fan game Super Mario 63. Several of the levels and features are entirely original, although many of them are based on them and other Nintendo games. We all played Mario when we were little. The game is similar to the original Mario games. You simply control your character through the map with your keyboard.

How to Play Unblocked Games [coolmathgamesunblocked]?

There are many websites to play crazy unblocked games. For example, cool math games unblocked 911, unblocked games 66, Tyrone Unblocked games, cool math games unblocked Replit, etc. Playing unblocked games is quite simple and straightforward. 

  • First, register for cool math games and unblocked 76 website account. It is usually free nothing and simply takes a little while. 
  • After making an account, sign in and Find a game you wish to play on the website. Once you’ve found a game you like click on it and begin playing the game. 
  • Before you can play some games, you might need to install a plugin or software.  However, the majority of games may be played without any extra software.
  • At last, enjoy yourself! Unblocked video games are a fantastic way to pass the time or relax. Your problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination can both be enhanced by them.
  • Spend some time perusing the many unblocked games that are offered online.

The Benefits of Unblocked Math Games

Unblocked math games are not a waste of time and have many benefits for children.

Bonding For Children

Firstly, unblocked math games can be a fantastic way for students to strengthen their friendships. Numerous of these games give multiple players, and kids the ability to interact and have a good time with their pals. Kids can also meet new people which will improve their social skills in communication.

Problem-Solving Skills

Playing unblocked math games has a lot of other advantages as well. Kids can improve their problem-solving abilities by playing unblocked math games. These video games teach young players how to spot patterns and work out issues. They can aid in your child’s math skill improvement. These games provide children with a fun and engaging method to practice and understand math concepts. 

Boosts Memory

Kids are frequently asked to recall numerous math ideas and formulas while playing these games. Unblocked math games also aid your child’s memory, which is another advantage. Kids may strengthen their memories and sharpen their recall abilities by playing these activities.

List of Games [Coolmathgames Unblocked]

Let’s talk in a little more detail about some cool math games unblocked. 

  1. Tethrees

We all have most probably played threes when we were little. In this game, there is a stack of bricks, and one of them is hovering. By touching it and aligning it with the blocks below it, you must move the floating block. If two equivalent blocks are in the same row, a colored part that will fit any of the blocks is also present. If you want to make the game go faster, swipe down to lower the floating block.

  1. Geometry Tower

In this game, you need to achieve the right balance. You have to stack the blocks correctly in this game and tap them to completely destroy them. Three stars are awarded when you level it. To acquire a respectable rating in this game, you must always receive three stars.

  1. Slither.io

Controlling a snake, known as a slither throughout a broad region while eating pellets, eliminating and consuming other players to build mass, and eventually growing the largest and longest in the game, is the game’s goal. Once a player enters the virtual world, their avatar never stops moving. The player will perish if the head of their snake runs into the head of another snake. The body of the defeated avatar transforms into vivid, bigger, dazzling pellets that other players can devour.

  1. Pile Shapes

You will have numerous types of blocks in this game, and there will be an empty space with these distinct shapes. The lock must be positioned correctly in order to fill or finish the slot. It will revert to its original point if you dump it at the incorrect location. To win the game, you must fill the box with the right shapes. This game can be a little tricky sometimes but it is overall very fun and keeps you entertained for hours.

  1. Maze

Maze is a very quick game. The fact that there are three different zones in this game is its best feature. First, you have to swiftly complete a full circle of green. You need to remember the map in the second zone before it gets black and solves it. The third zone objective must be reached as soon as feasible.

  1. Puzlogic Slide

In this game, you have a few slides, one of which is suspended in the air. You must set a number on the floating slide in this game while making sure that no two identical numbers appear in the same row.

  1. Roblox Unblocked

Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development created by the Roblox Corporation. It enables users to create games and play those made by others. Playing Roblox is free and you have a lot of games to choose from.

  1. Snake

In the video game, the player controls a developing line that eventually turns into its own primary barrier. A player starts by controlling a dot or square in a boundary. Moving forward, it leaves a trail that resembles a snake crawling forward. In certain games, the trail’s end is fixed, causing the snake to keep growing longer as it advances. When the snake collides with another object, the screen boundary, or itself, the player loses.

  1. Flappy Bird Unblocked.

In flappy bird, the player maneuvers the bird Faby, which keeps moving to the right. Faby must be maneuvered through pairs of pipes that contain equal-sized gaps positioned at random heights. 

The player receives one point for each successful pass through a pair of pipes. The game ends when you hit a pipe or the ground. When you reach more than 10 points you receive a bronze medal, for 20 you will get a silver medal and a platinum medal for 40. 

Top 3 Games

  1. Doodle God

Assuming the role of the Doodle God, the user must combine already-existing pieces to unlock new ones. Combinations can be literal as when Water and Lava are combined to create Steam and Stone or metaphorical such as combining Water and Fire to obtain Alcohol. The focus of the game is the discovery of 115 elements spread across 14 categories, starting with just the four traditional elements (fire, water, air, and earth). Every few minutes, a tip is made available in case the user gets stuck. 

  1. Bloons Tower Defense

In this game, you try to stop Bloons from reaching the end of a predetermined course by putting towers and other road goods along it that can pop the Bloons in a variety of ways, usually by using the strength of monkeys. By freezing and gluing the bloons, some towers can prevent them from moving and give the other towers more time to pop them. Bloons can be popped, rounds can be finished, and bananas can be collected from existing banana farms to earn money that can be used to buy more towers, tower improvements, or temporary goods like road spikes and exploding pineapples.

  1. Agar.io

The goal of Agar.io is to expand a cell on a petri dish by suckling both smaller cells and “agar,” a randomly created pellet that slightly increases a cell’s mass, without being sucked up by even larger cells. Five game modes are now available in the web version: FFA, Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, and Party. The games Classic, Rush Mode, and Battle Royale are all available on mobile devices. 

The object of the game is to acquire the largest cell; when all of a player’s cells are consumed by larger opponents or fountain viruses, the player must start over from a smaller cell. With predefined texts, phrases, symbols, or skins, players can customize the look of their cell. A cell will travel more slowly the more mass it has.

Can Playing Cool Math Games Unblocked Give You a Virus?

Although these websites are mostly safe, reports of 70 laptops getting crashed when students previously used this website on school hardware. Therefore when using these websites, you need to be cautious and if you notice anything suspicious, you should click off and find some other website.

Are These Games Actually Educational?

In some of your favorite Coolmath games, there is a secret. These games serve a goal that goes beyond simple pleasure, and that is to improve your brain by serving as both enjoyable and instructional games.

Is Cool Math Safe for Kids?

Parents should know that Coolmath.com is a one-stop math store for middle and high school students, and it also features a useful area for parents and instructors. Other than the numerous advertisements, it’s a good location for youngsters to practice math and play educational activities.

Did Flash Shut Down?

Flash Player is no longer supported by Adobe as of December 31, 2020. By the end of 2020, all significant browsers eliminated Flash. Websites that provide Flash-based material, such as games and animations, were forced to remove it as well since Flash support is ending.

What Are Some Other Unblocked Games?

Solitaire Bliss offers a variety of Solitaire variations, where players sort shuffled cards into ordered sequences, challenging their strategic thinking and patience. 

Play Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game where players clear a grid by deducing the locations of hidden mines using numerical clues. 

Both websites provide engaging brain teasers that are easily accessible online and typically unblocked in many schools and workplaces for casual gaming.


Are cool math games dead?

There’s a wild rumor going around that Coolmath Games is closing, but no need to worry because only Flash-supported games were shut down.

Why won’t Coolmath work properly?

You need to modify your browser if Cool Math is not working. You should proceed and follow the instructions to allow it if Internet Explorer alerts you that it has blocked certain “active material” on Coolmath.

Why do cool math games have so many ads?

To better comprehend the preferences of our target market and website users. to track your actions and online activities across several websites or other platforms throughout time.

Can you play Cool Math Games in 2024?

Yes, you can play cool math games in 2024. However, they announced that they won’t be adding any more games.

What are the most fun unblocked games?

Some of the most fun unblocked games are Snake, Retro Bowl, FNF, Cookie clicker, etc.

How much are cool math games worth?

According to reports, an anonymous private equity group paid $80 for CoolMath.com.


Cool math games unblocked are online games that can be played by any computer or mobile device. These games are unblocked meaning they aren’t blocked by any school or college networks. Cool math games help kids understand maths better if solving sums gets boring or frustrating. Other than math, other games are also available for plenty of entertainment.

Richard is a Tech Geek and a gadget lover. He loves to play games and write about gadgets related to gaming and gaming gadgets.