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7 Key Features to Lookout When Selecting an HR System

HR systems are integral to businesses and they allow successful storing, processing, and reporting of essential data. These systems contain a variety of core HR modules to help streamline and improve the process of all human resources management operations.

These different modules can help perform the following functions:

  • Storage and management of employees’ data
  • Production of various graphs/charts and data analysis
  • Staff holiday request form 
  • Staff/customer training or course management
  • Recruitment process management 
  • Automated correspondence management
  • Shift plan maintenance and attendance data management

Advancements in modern technology are frequently growing and technology is starting to become the forefront of the revolution of human resources management With that in mind, 

here are some key features to look out for when selecting an hr system: 


The main reason an HR manager will want to adopt any assisting system is to increase speed so that to be more productive. Getting slow software that will take ages to load or may not be compatible with all devices is a waste of resources. For your choice of any HR solution, check for speed, it’s an essential feature. Don’t forget that the faster, the better!


Don’t just live for the moment! This is a common piece of advice from parents to kids, but it’s not limited to just households. A lot of people, including professional HR managers, plan only for the moment, neglecting the future. 

Please don’t make this mistake when it comes to looking for the features of your HR software. It must be a technology that can take care of your present and future HR needs. 

A dynamic tool will solve any pressing problem today and still adjust to future and unprecedented challenges in the future. If you spend a fortune getting a product that will be outdated within two years, then you have made a mistake. 

Apart from being built to meet future challenges, it should be scalable enough to accommodate the growth and expansion of your company.


Flexibility is an indispensable feature that an HR manager should look out for when deciding on which HR package to choose. 

Your choice should be one you can use across several boards and devices. Several HR solutions are fraught with failure because they’re not readily adaptable for use in some devices. This gets you stuck when a sudden challenge that requires switching from an existing platform to another arises.

A flexible tool is one that aids ease of accessibility irrespective of your location and device within your reach. It can also be manipulated to do some complex tasks while saving time and increasing productivity.

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Automated reminder/notification

When searching for the most suitable HR management system to aid your job as an administrator, look for the ones with automated email reminders and notifications. This will help you be in charge of impromptu challenges and changes. You will not be helpless when you need urgent assistance from any of your team members as your urgent email is followed by immediate action and response. 

You will be able to keep your employees updated on any current event through this feature. Though small, this feature can save your company from a billion-dollar ruin. So, don’t overlook it!


Your chosen HR software should be one that is easily accessible. It should either be cloud-based or web-based, and accessible when in a different country, in another office location, around the train station, airport, or just anywhere. 

There are so many advantages attached to having an HR app with this feature. You carry your business with you everywhere you go. You’re always in touch with your employees, current trends and, impromptu meetings and changes.

Effective Reporting and Analytical Tool

The system must be a self-sufficient type that helps you compute and convert figures into desirable statistical forms without the use of an external app. Manual appraisals of employees’ performance are fraught with limitation in effectiveness and scope. 

With the use of an HR software having this feature, employees’ performance and appraisal can be done regularly without hassle. Some of these modules will not only monitor the accrual/usage of sick days and PTOs but also help at developing rules for employees’ movement and providing notification/alert mechanisms. 

One of the most tedious tasks of HR leaders is handling payment dues, which are prone to error. An adequate system should help reduce the manual task of an HR person by providing employees’ benefits like insurance policies (dental, life, medical) managing employees contributions/savings, bonuses, salaries and other possible deductions.

 It should also be useful in calculating taxes and cutting relevant paychecks while encouraging direct transfers or deposits.

Centralised Database

There’s nothing like having an HR tool that has a centralised form of data or record for employees as it is a great solution that reduces the boredom of using spreadsheets, which require manual editing and updating. 

 A feature that aids centralised information is an amazing one which affords ease of integration into other Apps/programs and updates all data across all platforms simultaneously.


While planning on which HR package to purchase, ensure it complies with both tax and labour requirements, especially those within your country of residence.

Ensure the flexibility of the HR system to be purchased as it will reduce the cost of organizing seminars to teach team members and other employees. 

Don’t be fooled at believing that all quality products are expensive because you can buy an efficient HR product that will fit into your budget. Reliability is another factor you should consider as you will need a tool that will give you the desired technical assistance. Don’t forget to opt for a module that will be easily integrated into similar and existing software.

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