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SSM Health is a Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare system that uses a robust and completely integrated health care delivery system to meet the comprehensive medical needs of communities across the Midwest. The almost 40,000 workers and 11,000 providers of the organization are dedicated to providing great health care services and showing God’s healing presence to everyone they assist.

SSM Health operates 23 hospitals, more than 290 physician offices, and other outpatient and virtual care services, 10 post-acute facilities, comprehensive home care, and hospice services, a pharmacy benefit corporation, a health insurance company, and an accountable care organization in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

As an employee, you must access the SSM Smart Square login portal. Specifically, to have access to a scheduling solution tailored to the medical and health industries. This SSM Smart Square login tool, provided by Avanta, is a comprehensive scheduling solution program. It is utilized by over 50 firms (mainly those with 5000 or more workers).

88 percent of which is in the United States, with the remainder in other nations. The SSM Smart Square login portal simplifies scheduling for healthcare professionals, and SSM Smart Square healthcare utilizes Smart Square to make labor management easier and smarter.

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How to Log In to the SSM Smart Square Login Portal?

Here are a few simple ways to log in to the SSM Smart Square login tool:

SSM Smart Square health website
SSM Smart Square health website
  • Press on “MyChart” in the upper right-hand corner.
  • You’ll be prompted to log in, enter a password, and then click the ‘login’ option. If you need to ‘Sign up,’ you can do so by following the easy directions on the website.
SSM Heath login page
SSM Heath login page

In the event that you lose your password,

  • When you click ‘Forgot your password?’ the site takes you to their password support page. Please keep in mind that this is not the SSM Smart Square login page. In reality, the link to “Forgot your Password” is right on the SSM Smart Square login page.
SSM Smart Square login page
SSM Smart Square login page
  • Type your login ID in the provided box and click ‘Send.’ Your password will be sent to the address you entered.
SSM Smart Square forgot password
SSM Smart Square forgot the password
  • You may re-login by returning to the login page.
  • If you haven’t already secured your email address within SSM Smart Square, please feel free to contact an SSM Smart Square member for guidance.

How to Use SSM Smart Square on a Mobile Device:

Smart Square may be found on your mobile device’s homepage.

iPhone users should know the following:

1. Navigate to the ‘Menu’ section at the bottom of the screen.
2. Select “Share”
3. Browse to the right for “Add to home screen” or a Plus (+) icon.
4. On the following screen, click “Add.”

Users using Android should note the following:

1. Add Smart Square to our phone’s browser.
2. If you’re using Chrome, click the ‘Create bookmark’ icon (or) the star symbol to the right of the URL bar (or) the three horizontal lines that appear.
3. Click the ‘Add to’ option’s drop-down menu.
4. Click ‘Home screen,’ and you’re done! It will now appear on your home screen.

Please feel free to contact your Network Administrator if you are unaware of SSM’s Smart Square URL, as each firm has its own distinct web link. We appreciate giving the proper and correct answer here, so why not have a look at the Cintas Partner Connect portal?

Let us now discuss Avanta and Smart Square.

Avanta is a major developer of hospitality and healthcare labor management systems that enable the healthcare industry to operate more efficiently. Healthcare scheduling, healthcare operational advice, healthcare predictive analytics, and accelerative recovery technologies are among their workforce management products. Avanta, as previously said, has developed a Smart Square software solution, which is a strong tool that delivers a full labor management solution.

It is an easy-to-use tool for staff, managers, and upper management in the healthcare or hospital business. It saves time, decreases scheduling turmoil, reduces costs, increases employee happiness, and makes predictive analytics simpler for managers.

SSM Smart Square integrates a methodology that helps organize shifts 120 days in advance, allowing firms to avoid last-minute employee searches and increase the accessibility of contingent workers. It also has a policy emphasis stating that leave applications must be filed three months prior to the scheduled date.

SSM Smart Square’s main characteristics are as follows:

Enhances scheduling

Smart Square handles all types of scheduling, including cyclic shift scheduling, self-scheduling, on-call scheduling, open shift administration, and quick shift recruitment. This allows the business to strategically prepare for personnel allocation at the proper time and place to satisfy the demands of the patients.

Time Administration

It saves time for everyone involved in healthcare administration by making the procedure quicker and less hectic. Smart Square integrates a methodology that helps organize shifts 120 days in advance, allowing SSM Smart Square healthcare to avoid last-minute employee search and improve the accessibility of contingent workers.


Smart Square ensures transparency at all levels

SSM Smart Square

This program allows users to examine everything relating to the hospital, buildings, and departments, as well as the availability of employees and reschedules, allowing them to swiftly resolve any issues or modifications.

Several Other Features

Provides many dashboards for more accurate monitoring of functions.
It enables managers to assess performance and outcomes and, as a result, allocate overtime or devise remedies.
Monitoring productivity and hours worked, as well as cost evaluation.
It enables the monitoring of crucial indicators in order to measure progress toward goals.
For a deeper knowledge of statistics, SSM Smart Square delivers graphs, bars, pie charts, and tables.
Organizations with a large number of employees utilize this software product.
SSM Healthcare employs roughly 40,000 people and employs around 11,000 providers. This technology simplifies and improves staff management.
This is an excellent on-the-go utility that can be accessed from anywhere. This technology may be accessed by health personnel who are not physically present at the institution.
Holidays and rotations are planned well in advance so that the organization may focus on contingent staffing.

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SSM Health places a high priority on its workers. We are devoted to assisting our workers in leading a healthy lifestyle by providing a broad benefits package tailored to their specific requirements, including those that encourage physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Our comprehensive employee benefits package includes health insurance, life insurance, accidental injury and disembowelment health coverage, long-term disability insurance, health, and dependent care reimbursement accounts, overtime payoff, tuition assistance, adoption reimbursement, an assistance program, retirement plan options, and much more.


The information given above should serve as a useful starting point for workers and others interested in utilizing the SSM Smart Square tool by signing in via the SSM Smart Square Login page. As a result, we hope that this article has cleared up any remaining questions you may have concerning the SSM Smart Square scheduling tool.

At SSM Health, we are committed to providing a reasonable and equitable benefits plan that you may tailor to your and your family's requirements. You can select the benefits that are most beneficial to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Smart Square?

It is a web-based hiring and scheduling application that healthcare practitioners utilize to alleviate the load of staffing.

Why is SSM Smart Square used?

SSM Health is a non-profit organization with almost 40,000 workers and around 11,000 providers addressing a wide range of health needs. With such a large number, labor-management may be difficult if not for Smart Square.

Is this compatible with both Android and iPhone?

Yes, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Please see the part of this post titled “How to Access SSM Smart Square on Mobile Phones?” for more information.

Who is eligible to utilize SSM Smart Square?

This tool is available to all SSM Smart Square Healthcare staff at all levels. It may be used by employees to plan shifts, managers to improve job quality, save time overall, and fill open shifts fast, and upper management for greater forecasting analysis and happy employees.
To be eligible for benefits, you must be assigned to work at least half-time (40 hours) or more every pay period.
“Regularly scheduled” indicates you have a 0.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) or higher status with Human Resources. A 0.4 FTE working additional hours, for example, does not qualify as “normally scheduled.” Benefits become effective on the first day of the month that coincides with or follows the date of hire.

How can I contact Smart Square SSM customer service?

If you have any problems utilizing your Smart Square, please contact their customer care at 1 (855) 700-6000. You can also seek assistance from Superusers, who have been qualified to help other staff members who are using this program.

Who exactly are Super Users?

Super Users are nurses and supervisors who have higher-level access to the Smart Square and are trained to assist all other staff members who use it.

Where can we get the highlights and details of the Smart Square policy?

All Smart Square policy information may be found in the ‘Policy Stat’ folder under the ‘Staffing Center’.

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