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Sustainable Freight Shipping Ideas for the Future

Sustainability is one of the current trends that makes its way into every industry, impacting shipping. Green shipping has been a concern lately since climate change studies suggest reducing the carbon footprint. The industry hasn’t met the authority’s vision for green shipping for now.

According to research, shipping plays a vital role in climate change due to the emission of carbon dioxide and tiny particles. The trucking industry in the US is responsible for 28% of the emissions. Trucks comprise 23% of the emission, the most significant contributors. They drive great mileage per day and use large amounts of fuel. However, there are eco-friendly solutions available. The industry is gradually adapting to the changes and implementing them. There are a few steps carriers can take to provide sustainable freight shipping.

Sustainable Freight Shipping Ideas

Slow speed

Carriers have the power to implement changes for sustainability, being the major players in this industry. One of the simple changes to implement in everyday working operations is driving at slower speeds. According to studies, driving at high speed increases truck emissions. Reducing the rate can help decrease them. Reducing the speed to 5 mph can significantly reduce carbon emissions. However, driving at a slower pace doesn’t only reduce the impact on the environment. It also reduces the chances of accidents and cuts costs by saving fuel.

Take time

Another way to lower fuel consumption and save money is to start and stop slowly. Another easy step to save money is to switch speeds while moving. With These simple steps, drivers can reduce fuel consumption from 5 % to 10%, saving money and reducing the environmental impact.

Using truck stop electrification

Another way to cut diesel emissions and reduce costs for full truckload shipping is to use truck stop electrification. Truck drivers can rely on them to heat or cool the cabin when they want to rest. 

Motivate drivers to follow the sustainable shipping strategy

When your company establishes a sustainable shipping strategy, you must motivate the truck driver to follow suit. Don’t forget that the need for sustainability is on the rise. Green businesses will prefer to work with sustainable shipping when faced with various options on the market. For you, this means new clients and enhanced profitability.

Sustainable shipping equipment

Companies should consider investing in equipment that reduces the impact on the environment. Aerodynamic panels, APUs, low-viscosity lubricants, exhaust system upgrades, and wide-base tires are some popular suggestions to consider. Possible ecology options to consider are cooling innovations and computer-controlled engines. Trucking companies can consider using eco-friendly fuels that don’t impact the environment. Optimized route planning helps reduce mileage and is another excellent option for reducing emissions. 

Sustainable packing

Properly packing the goods is crucial for the shipping industry. But some packaging materials pollute the environment. Companies should do their best to develop a sustainable packaging strategy that minimizes the impact. Implement reusable or recyclable materials for the packaging and teach your employees about sustainable practices for packing. Bioplastic is one of the trending solutions for green businesses. Also, make sure to source materials that are guaranteed to be sustainable. Avoid mixed materials and stay away from any hazardous ones. 

Final thoughts

Conscious consumers prefer to buy from transparent companies about their sustainability practices. This raises the need for sustainable freight shipping that minimizes the environmental impact. Carriers can take a few simple steps to get started. Things like slower truck speed and truck stop electrification are simple changes that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 

Abdullah is an IT enthusiast and a writer who writes about business and technology. He is working in this field for a couple of years. Abdullah has extraordinary knowledge in his field so if you are a new entrepreneur, you can follow these techniques to grow your business.