4 Useful Tips To Make an Awesome Game Design For New Developers

Making an online game is a delicate matter. After all, the whole world should be embodied in it, moreover, it should become a kind of reflection of the real world, its surrogate substitute – otherwise, no one wants to play it. There must be intrigue that can interest potential players of various ages.

Eternal human values ​​- love, friendship, preferably even the possibility of family relationships. Nevertheless, all this does not guarantee that the game will bring quite real income, measured in the number of convertible currency.

Online game creation is popular as those games that are available to everyone, from a plumber to an academician, which can be played from the moment you have the opportunity to reach the keyboard. These are the games that bring the maximum income, so the character design cost here can be rather high

Game design on early prototyping

Whether you’re making a branded game or a gaming app that should generate revenue, start with research and descriptive analysis of your competitors. It is necessary to understand how free the niche you are interested in is, who your competitors are, what pitfalls maybe during the promotion.

But the players don’t think in them, they fight, moving from one fight to another. The first thing that should be present in such a game is a fascinating plot, which should unfold in the vastness of the virtual world. Technogenic plots, reminiscent of the real world, are by no means the best. Everyone sees such a world every day and is not particularly welcome in the game.

The game should open hitherto unknown worlds, allow you to immerse yourself in a fairy tale that is different from everyday reality.

What does the player pay for, especially when he is initially attracted by the free online game? For powerful armor, weapons, mounts and war animals, and so on – in short, for weapons of destruction. But only in one case, there is a willingness to invest not only your time but also quite real money.

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The next step is to develop a unique idea of 2d design. The game must be authentic, unparalleled on the market. The content and design of the game, original adaptive design, and intuitive interface, well-thought-out mechanics are important.

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When looking for a designer who will create layouts for a future game, try to choose those who already have such experience, preferably in the direction that interests you. It will be useful to have references to other existing games and applications – they can represent approximate ideas for design elements or game functionality.

Game budget

Great attention must be devoted to the system of rewards and bonuses that motivate users to turn to the game often – this is a strategic move. This is the secret of user engagement and the guarantee of the popularity of the game.

Now you need to determine the budget for the game, the time frame and draw up a detailed technical assignment for the programmer.

Many people think that the services of an independent developer will cost less than working with an agency. If you are working with a highly qualified professional, his services can cost you several times more.

To make finding a developer quick and easy, try a few simple rules. Choose a programmer based on their area of ​​expertise. For example, for arcade games, look for those who already have 2-3 arcade games in 2d character design.

It is best if the performer will not be distracted by other projects and will only be busy developing your game. Sometimes you have to pay extra for this, but this is important, especially if the terms of work are extremely limited.
If in doubt, ask for referrals from past clients – take their contact details and contact them yourself.

Working with agencies involved in game development is guaranteed compliance with deadlines, the ability to quickly make edits, and a more convenient settlement system.

Regardless of who you work with, always enter into a contract regarding copyright, information protection, project lead time, and price of amendments. Also, many companies register their developer accounts in-app catalogs to independently track statistics and maintain their own pricing and marketing policies.

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Game promotion

During the promotion of the game, it is necessary to actively work with social networks, which also implies advertising in communities, news feeds, and other people’s thematic applications. Many work with alternative Android app stores, where there is less competition but a higher chance of getting noticed.

By the way, the laborious work of promoting a game is usually included in the list of services of agencies that develop games.

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