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What Does a Drupal Developer Do, and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Every business tries to make the content management process as smooth as possible and seeks a flexible enough platform that would meet its needs. Thanks to its modular architecture, Drupal has proven to be one of the most progressive CMS systems that can fully satisfy any business content needs. However, what if there’s a need to add some extra functionality?

In this case, you have to hire a Drupal developer who knows how to customize the system. If wonder what does a Drupal developer do, the answer is simple – this expert makes the CMS system perform any feature you need.

What Does a Drupal Developer Do

This article sheds light on what Drupal developers do, and why you need to hire one for your business. Besides, you will learn the top 5 skills a Drupalist should have and what you need to know before hiring a Drupal developer https://lembergsolutions.com/drupal-development.

Who is a Drupal developer?

Simply put, a Drupal developer is a person who builds websites using Drupal CMS. If interested in what is Drupal developer’s responsibility areas, in fact, there are three main points:

  • website building
  • theme creation or front-end
  • module development or back-end

What language does Drupal use? It’s PHP. Additionally, a skilled Drupal developer must be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, essential for making the website visually appealing. Designing and implementing website features, creating themes, and managing databases are among the main responsibilities of a Drupal expert. However, what is the full spectrum of duties? 

What does a Drupal Developer Do?

An expert Drupal programmer can bring any website to life, as they know the administration panel inside and out. Ever wondered what can you do with Drupal? A blog, an eCommerce platform, or a wiki are just among a few available options. Let’s take a closer look.

Build Sites

Wondering what is a Drupal developer’s first and foremost responsibility, it’s simply website building. This process looks pretty easy as the specialist combines certain modules to create the necessary functionality. 

Create Themes

Ready-to-use themes may simplify the development process, but if you want a custom theme, you will need a skilled Drupal developer. 

Develop Modules

Modules serve as Lego for building a website. Developers create modules with PHP to let fellows implement features without interfering with the source code.

Manage Projects

Not limited to development only, experienced Drupal developers can act as project managers to ensure the project meets requirements and the team uses website features correctly.

Design Interface

Front-end Drupalists are responsible for making the website visually appealing and easy to navigate. The knowledge of UI design and practical Javascript experience helps the developers ensure the website is user-friendly and attractive. 

TOP 5 Skills What Drupal Developers Need?

There may be some confusion regarding the skills a Drupal developer should have, so we’ve decided to clarify it. Most specialists are technically savvy, which contributes to their success; however, you should also take into account a set of the following skills when hiring a Drupalist for your project.

  1. Extensive PHP Knowledge

Since Drupal CMS was built with PHP, a developer must be closely familiar with this programming language. Additionally, custom Drupal development is closely related to MySQL and JQuery, so a deep familiarity with these systems is required to streamline the development process.

  1. Theme Development Experience

A custom theme will significantly improve the design of your website and user retention rate. Thus, it’s important for the developer to have experience in theme development along with UI/UX design understanding.

  1. Version Control 

There may be different experiments with module compatibility in the course of development. Thus, it’s important to have a good version control system. Git and GitHub are widely used by developers to control project versions, and you may derive considerable benefits Drupalist’s work is well-organized. 

  1. Debugging Skills

Addressing bugs during the course of development is a valuable skill. When the website is up and running, and there’s some issue in the code, it’s more difficult to address it properly. Thus, it’s important to find a developer with a hands-on approach to coding. 

  1. Extensive Security Knowledge

A developer needs to have extensive security knowledge to make your website attack-proof. In developing a custom website, you may process piles of confidential data that need to be protected. Luckily, Drupal CMS is known for its robust reliability. Data security is what does Drupal. 

Why Does Your Company Need a Drupal Developer?

Drupal development is not as easy as it looks since you will still need a lot of customization. 

It’s always a good choice to dedicate such a task to a professional with years of relevant experience. Drupal developer will implement the required functionality, leveraging the modules available through the Drupal community. 

Additionally, a skilled Drupal developer can advise you on how to adjust the website functionality to make you benefit from it the most. This person can even guide your team on how to work with a website.

What Do You Need to Know Before Hiring Drupal Developers?

Hiring a Drupal developer, you need to consider several things. Take into account the following point to hire the right specialist for your business.

  • Define your business goal. It’s important to identify your business needs before starting development. With a clear set of requirements, the developer will be able to come up with an accurate estimate of time and costs, thus giving you a deep understanding of the development process.
  • The developer’s expertise. It’s recommended to hire a Drupal developer who can fully satisfy your needs. If you need to create a custom theme and develop new modules for your website, hire a person with deep PHP and HTML/CSS knowledge.
  • Your budget. Depending on your project needs, the end price may differ. The price will be higher if the website you need requires custom theme development and module creation. If you go with ready-to-use modules, the price will be lower.
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