Why Content Marketing Matters for Mobile App Growth

Plenty of brands have a mobile app, but few make the most of what they have to offer. In other words, launching a mobile app does not guarantee its success. In fact, the work is far from over once your app hits the digital storefront. There are a ton of challenges ahead for businesses ready to really make a push for online shopping, but mobile app growth is made easier when content marketing leads the charge in awareness and engagement

Tips for Growing Your Mobile App with Content Marketing

It’s not often that we think of content marketing and mobile apps as connected efforts for a business. In many ways, apps seem like the sales platform and content marketing is the sales pitch. In reality, the two need each other to be able to accomplish what they set out to do. When looking at iPhone app development that can grow their business, it’s crucial to know how your content marketing strategy is going to play a role in the process. 

These tips can help connect these two facets of ecommerce together so you better understand why content drives users to your app.

Defining an Audience

Finding and defining an audience isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’d be easy to say that everyone who is interested in one way or another in your business is your audience. In reality, that lack of precision and practical scope can cause more problems than solutions. An easy way to find what your core audience would be is to picture a single client or customer of interest. What do they seek from you? Why do they want to buy what you sell? What is it that separates you from the rest?

By narrowing down your core audience to a single individual, you can hit the key elements of what you have to offer your most likely consumers. It’s not just that these shoppers will buy your product or service once either. Your core audience is likely to repeat purchases with your business and become your foundation for future growth. From here, you can find ways to increase loyalty with your core and expand into unforeseen audiences on the success of your content. 

Excite Your Audience with an App Launch Across All Channels

With a defined audience, you can begin to ramp up efforts to promote your app with engaging content. There’s a key process of impression you should strive to achieve with your audience. Rather than simply building awareness or plugging your app, focus on exciting your audience through storytelling and dynamic, multi-media posts on your website and social media. 

A huge perk to content marketing is getting to have control over what feeling audiences are left with when they think of your brand. Rather than simply sharing information, you’re cultivating an experience through social posts, blogs, and other forms of content. Doing so builds interest in your mobile app rather than awareness. Creating a dynamic content calendar to organize what you’ll post ahead of a mobile app launch can help make the process feel purposeful. Meanwhile, you’ll want to find ways that you’ll be able to optimize your app and content post-launch for growth.

Improving Content and Your App Store Optimization

With a new app and content marketing, there is one crucial tactic to keep in mind: optimization. Both content and information on your app’s app store listing ought to utilize the boost of optimized keywords and images. Screenshots on the app store are actually one of the most influential things about your mobile app’s listing. Everything from the size, orientation, and overall visual of your screenshots play a factor in how many clicks they receive. 

Likewise, the description of your app and its name can influence who sees it. The same principal in content marketing of utilizing long-tail keywords to reach motivated searchers holds true in optimizing your app store listing. With some keyword research and A/B testing of different phrases and images, you can find what works best for your brand across all forms of content.

Using Every Channel to Boost Your App and Brand

When your app is released and ready for the world, it’s time to increase the methods you use to boost engagement and brand awareness. That likely means finding ways to use every channel available to you. It’s not just social media that will play a role in your mobile app’s growth either. You need to take time to strategize how you’ll use landing pages, e-guides, emails, and reviews to your benefit. 

Strategies like influencer marketing and social media trends are key to building a solid reach to potential customers. Not to mention, your mobile app is going to likely need to be ready to grow with your company. That means being ready to scale your app as you find success with content marketing efforts. The work never ends, but neither does your mobile app’s potential. 

Plan for Meaningful Content to Boost Mobile App Growth 

Your mobile app is only as successful as you make it. By putting time into content marketing and investing in optimizing the user experience, a mobile app can drive organizational growth and brand awareness. Nobody’s jaw will drop when your app launches if you don’t set it up for success with a meaningful campaign to drive downloads and sales. 

The app store is flooded with new launches every day. Users won’t spend much time cold searching for new things to try. Instead, they’ll want to download what they know and what they’ve heard about. The best way to get the word out about your brand and mobile app is through a content marketing strategy that helps you rank higher and reach more users. There are a lot of ways to start preparing your mobile app for success and they all start here. A team of dedicated retail mobile app experts can help get you set up for growth and success today.

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