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6 Employee Training Tips That Will Empower Your Organization

No matter what industry you operate in, it is difficult to overstate the importance of quality, effective employee training. A large majority of skilled workers consider learning and development to be an essential component of any job they might consider taking. Despite this, it has been estimated that around 59% of all employees receive absolutely no working training whatsoever and that all of their on-the-job skills have been entirely self-taught.

In a world where employers and organizations need to compete for talented workers like never before, you need to be offering quality, impact-focused, and relevant training. This will help your company become more agile and it will ensure that your team attracts only the very best people for the job. With that in mind, here are the essential employee training tips that empower your organization to thrive, no matter what industry you are in. 

1. Invest in Language Learning

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this one. According to the online language learning academy Preply, managers across all industries expect foreign language skills to become more important for company success in the years to come. In a world where remote work is now the norm, companies will be under pressure to globalize like never before. It is therefore essential that you invest in results-driven language learning resources for all of your team, to help them pursue global opportunities.

2. Embed Some Consistency

No matter what skills you wish to impart upon your team, having a certain level of consistency is essential. Granted, some members of your organization will require different training than others. However, you need to make sure that everyone receives the same baseline training consistently. This is why it is important to have a training and onboarding checklist that all managers and new starters can consult even before the first day on the job. This will ensure that you can expect a baseline of competency in certain areas and topics from every single person in your team. 

3. Company Culture is the Core Focus

One area where too many managers fail is company culture. When it comes to training, too many managers stick to specific topics and scripts, without adapting the training for the culture of the company. Taking your company culture and ethos into account will ensure that your training aligns with your organizational values, allowing it to be of maximum use to your team. Consider the guiding principles of your organization and how these can be embedded in all of your training activities. 


4. Show Employees the Value of the Training

It is not enough to simply explain why a particular training or L&D course might be of use to an employee. You often need to use real stories that highlight the value of the training in question and demonstrate how both employees and companies alike can benefit. Always use actual situations and scenarios to explain how a particular training course will come in handy. Impress upon your team that the skills they will learn from a particular course will definitely come in handy on the job and may even lead to career advancement. 

5. Listen to What Your Team Wants

It is crucial that employee skill learning is not a one-way street. You should be listening to what your team wants and needs so that you can provide them with genuinely useful training, rather than subjecting them all to a box-ticking exercise. Take steps to integrate feedback and suggestions into every step of your training process. Regularly solicit your team for suggestions on areas where they would like to see more training. This will help your team become more agile and better equipped to deal with the real challenges that they face on the job. 

6. Trust the Professionals 

You might think that you are the one who is best equipped to guide and deliver all employee training. While this may be true for very specific topics, it is rarely the case for some of the most important issues. Oftentimes, you should invest in a professional training expert from outside, who can come in to impart their wisdom to your entire team. If you want to impart specific technical skills to your employees, the most effective course of action is to hire a professional in that subject area to teach them. When in doubt, trust the professionals. 

By following these simple tips, you can ensure highly effective employee training that will empower everyone on your team to be the best that they can be. 

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