5 Non-monetary Ways To Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is vital to every organization. A motivated workforce means a profoundly productive team that will assist you in accomplishing all your goals and objectives. Motivation is also strongly related to the level of commitment that an employee shares with your company. The higher the level of motivation, the higher is the level of energy and time that an employee is willing to put forward to get the job done.

Motivation at the workplace also motivates employees to achieve their individual goals. Once these goals are achieved, the employee tends to develop a better understanding of how his actions contribute towards the accomplishments of the bigger organizational objectives.  This clarity can instill a sense of belongingness in your workforce making it more conscious about the quality and quantity of its work. Thus, employee motivation should be an integral part of your organizational plans and policies.

However, before you design a motivational strategy for your employees, you must develop a thorough understanding of what motivates your employees in reality. While the first thought in your mind is bound to be bonuses and a pay raise, in reality, monetary incentives are effective only for a short period. It is non-monetary or intrinsic motivation that offers true motivation to employees in the long run. Thus, in today’s blog, we will discuss 5 non-monetary ways to motivate employees

1. Growth opportunities

Providing your employees with growth opportunities is the most basic way to motivate them. They tend to feel more valued if they realize that their organization is taking its time out to plan and develop various training and development programs to upskill and upgrade them. This makes them more loyal and committed to your organization.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide them with all the required resources and support to develop and master new skills. You can also take advantage of technology and utilize various eLearning and training software to up your game.

2. Appreciation and acknowledgment

Your employees put in a lot of hard work to perform all their jobs with perfection. Thus, as an employer, it is your duty to acknowledge and appreciate your efforts. Team leaders should try to celebrate every achievement of their team members, no matter how big or small it might be. This recognition gives a feeling of belongingness to your employees and motivates them to go that extra mile to perform better than the rest.

3. Recreational activities

A lot of times, organizations get so tied up with their HR policies, stringent rules, and close deadlines, that they forget to take into account the stress and exertion of their employees. Therefore, organizations should try to organize occasional outings, gaming nights, and other recreational events to ensure that their employees have sufficient space and time to unwind and relax. This helps employees in relieving their stress and boosts their productivity and motivation.

4. Mental Wellbeing

The physical well-being of employees has always been on the checklist of organizations around the world. However, over the last 10 years or so, the mental health of employees has become a hot topic and it’s only right. Various instances from professional or personal life can put your employees in a distressing mental and emotional state. This has a direct impact on their willingness and ability to perform at the workplace. Thus, managers should attempt to establish a culture where everyone feels safe in openly sharing their thoughts and feelings. This will make your workforce more happy and productive.

5. Flexibility

Flexible work schedules help your employees in keeping a solid balance between office work and personal life. This is because it permits them to address family issues, individual commitments, and life duties. Moreover, it diminishes pressure and allows them an opportunity to work when they’re actually feeling productive.


Employee motivation is key to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula that organizations can put to use and expect positive results overnight. The only solution to this is to find out how your employees really feel. Showing that you care, and are willing to take actions to make things better will surely bring out positive results.

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