7 Must-Use Tech Tools For Salespeople

Salespeople have had to adapt to the changing nature of not only customer wants and needs but also the advancements made within the technological sphere over the years. Connecting with a customer isn’t as traditional as knocking on their door with a product in hand and a grin like the Cheshire Cat. It’s vital in this day and age to assimilate to the innovative changes within the consumer market as well as the channels of communication by which audiences are met. 

In order to stay ahead of the sales game, it’s recommended to adopt and utilize the correct tech-related tools. Many of which are aimed at improving customer engagement, prospect hunting, sales progress, revenue status, and overall organization in order to effectively maintain and draw in new clients.

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Popular tech gadgets and software include: 

1. Sales forecasting software

Sales forecasting software is considered a must-have item for those looking to gain better visibility over their sales pipeline. This tool enables you to have a thorough visual snapshot of every buyer interaction as well as predicted future revenue. 

The software draws data from historical trends, current industry behavior, economic fluctuations, as well as any internal company changes. Due to the expansive nature of the latter, the accuracy of the financial reports created is generally ensured. 

Advantages include: 

  • Better decision-making 
  • Risk identification and management 
  • Real-time information 
  • Time and labor-efficiency 
  • Simple to ease 
  • Enhanced understanding of customer engagement and behavior 
  • Increased collaboration 
  • Import capabilities

2. Contact relationship management (CRM) tool 

CRM software, pioneered in the 1980s, is as relevant as ever in salespeople’s pursuit to better understand their audiences. The relationships you form with potential and existing customers are something that shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked. 

You may succeed in attracting clients to your products and services, but maintaining professional, organized, and friendly interactions with said individuals are crucial in order to avoid losing them. This can, however, be made difficult if you fail to acknowledge their past, current, and future engagements with your company. 

CRM features include: 

  • Overview of customers
    • Customer history 
    • Order statuses 
    • Outstanding service issues 
    • Social media activity 
  • Whole-company access
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Follow-up action reminders
  • Conversion rates reporting 
  • Sales data collection to assist in marketing efforts 
  • Instant forecasting

3. Video creation tool

The power of moving pictures is no secret, especially in the world of sales. According to Biteable, 81% of individuals have bought a product after viewing a video. 85% of people have urged companies to create more branded content. Tailoring your content towards the desires of your target audience, as well as balancing quality and quantity, is, therefore, vital in order to land those call-to-action clicks. 

Ensuring you, as a salesperson, are equipped with the correct filming applications and editing software is also crucial. They don’t have to be fancy or and expensive either. Sometimes capturing a promotional clip, how-to video, or personal insight can be done through your phone’s camera and/or free app and still effectively engage prospects online. 

4. Social selling and prospecting software

Social media is responsible for driving a large portion of leads to a business’s product or service pages. It’s, therefore, important to utilize these channels as a marketing strategy in order to not only drive revenue but also gain an insight into how your potential clientele reacts and responds to the advertisements both you and your competitors deliver. 

Some salespeople will use social media directly—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—to communicate with buyers. Others, however, may take advantage of social listening and publishing software in order to gain a richer and more specific overview of their customer’s social network activity. 

Software may include: 

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social 
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Social media platforms and their in-built tools may also be used to scout new prospects. LinkedIn premium, for example, can aid you in tracking new website traffic, create personalized emails and other points of communication, as well as determine those who are most engaged and worth investing in. 

5. Appointment/scheduling tools 

Salespeople-tech-tools on laptop

If you’re dealing with a large pool of clientele, it’s wise to implement some sort of scheduling software on your phone or dedicated work device in order to keep track of your operations. These tools enable prospects to choose a date and time within their rep’s existing timetable, which can ultimately reduce the hassle of missed phone calls and deleted email reminders. 

6. Backup battery charger 

One of the worst business mistakes to occur during your busy day is seeing your phone or tablet hit 10% battery. Carrying around an extra charger or battery device is wise in order to avoid having your phone drop out in the middle of an important customer call or your tablet die while showing a lead a branded video. 

7. Appropriate communication equipment 

Whether you’re a salesperson constantly on the move or one that works predominantly within the confines of your office space, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the correct tools of communication and office function. 

These may include: 

  • Wireless head-set
  • Multiple monitors
  • External webcam
  • Screen-sharing tools

Final thoughts 

Salespeople need to remain on their toes in order to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the consumer market. Adopting and utilizing appropriate tech tools is essential for engaging and maintaining customer relationships as well as ensuring your company’s operations run smoothly.

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