YBA Tier List Updated 2023 (YBA Stand Tier List)

In this article, we will cover the Updated YBA tier list also known as the YBA Skins Value Tier List ranking from the best to the worst. 

To fight with the rivals in Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) game, you need to have some power and spiritual strengths. These abilities are called the Stands, and stands wear YBA skins. Here in this article, we will list the YBA Stands, skins, and YBA Tier List also known as the YBA Skins Value Tier List you are looking for.

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What is Roblox YBA?

Roblox is a gaming platform where players from different backgrounds join to play games. Hence, it has a wide variety of gaming genres. One genre is Role Play Gaming (RPG), and the most popular game in this category is Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA).

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) is a game based on an anime series from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In this game, the main aim is to become the best fighter. And to become the best fighter, you can use stands, level up by fighting the rival gangs, and collect some essential game articles.   

What is YBA Stands?

YBA stand is a game character that wears a YBA skin. It is the spiritual ability the characters must have. A big part of the game is dependent on the YBA stands. YBA stand is the prime feature of the game that wears the YBA skins. 

There are a lot of different skin options available in the game. Players can choose between them as all stands are different. Some have more powers and abilities than others. Players usually get confused while selecting the Stand for their game. Here to guide you to find the best suitable stand for you.

Obtaining a YBA Tier List Stand

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To choose a YBA tier list Stand, you first need to obtain it, and for that, you use a Stand arrow of worthiness at least I. However, we recommend you to use a stand arrow of at least worthiness II as it ensures that you will get a stand without dying, wasting your stand arrow, or turning it into a stone. 

Steel Ball Run Universe stands to require items of the Rib cage of Saint corpse and at least a worthiness V. Only then you will stand a chance of survival. 

Remember, the worthiness of the Stand arrow does not determine what stand you will get. It only determines the chances of your survival in the game. 

YBA Tier List 2023 – YBA Stand Tier List

YBA Tier List

YBA Tier list is divided into categories based on their effectiveness. Tier S is the most effective one of all, and Tier D is the least effective one. Below is the list of YBA Skins Value Tier list.


SSS- Tier List from YBA category tiers are evolved and requiem and limited. Here is a list of them.

  1. Horseman of Heaven
  2. Devil’s Moon
  3. Festive Platinum


What is Roblox YBA
Roblox YBA(Your Bizarre Adventure) | Photo Credit: Roblox

SS- Tier category tiers are limited. Here is a list of them. 

  1. Candysnake
  2. Jack O’ Platinum
  3. Ghost World
  4. Tyrant Crimson
  5. Nexus Crimson
  6. Festive World
  7. Sumo World
  8. Sumo Platinum
  9. King Peppermint
  10. Spirit Bomb Sword
  11. Frost Bite
  12. Cursed Aero Platinum
  13. Tākoizu Dragon


This category of tiers is evolved and requiem. They are the most effective of them all. Some of them are as below.

  1. Scary Monsters
  2. The World: Alternate Universe
  3. The World Over Heaven 
  4. Made in Heaven 
  5. Killer Queen: Bites the Dust
  6. Tusk Act 4
  7. Dirty Deeds Done Cheap: Love Train 
  8. Star Platinum: The World
  9. Gold Experience Requiem 
  10. Silver Chariot Requiem 
  11. King Crimson Requiem


A tier category of tiers is very rare and is difficult to find. Here is a list of them.

  1. Crazy Diamond
  2. C-Moon
  3. Star Platinum 
  4. Tusk Act 3
  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  6. King Crimson
  7. Sex Pistols 
  8. Anubis 
  9. Aerosmith
  10. The World
  11. Red Hot Chilli Pepper Stone Free
  12. D4C Love Train 


B tier category of tiers are rare and are also difficult to find. The list of them is as below. 

  1. The Hand
  2. Cream 
  3. Tusk Act 2 
  4. Whitesnake 
  5. White Album 
  6. Crazy Diamond Gold Experience
  7. Hermit Purple


C-tire categories of tires are uncommon, and a list of them is as below. 

  1. Killer Queen
  2. Tusk Act 1
  3. Hierophant Green
  4. Magician’s Red
  5. Purple Haze


D tier category of tiers is common, easy to find, and very less effective. Here are some of them. 

  1. Sex Pistols
  2. Mr. President
  3. Beach Boy
  4. Sticky Fingers

YBA Tier List Shiny Stands – YBA Paragon Tier List Official 2023

YBA Shiny Stands Tier List

Choosing a tier solely depends on your preference, not on the lists based on rarity or demand. The 2023 YBA shiny Stands Tier list is based on rarity and value. Here we give an official YBA Paragon Tier list which came out in 2023. 

  1. SSS-Tier
  2. SS-Tier
  3. S-Tier
  4. A-Tier
  5. B-Tier
  6. C-Tier
  7. D-Tier

Which YBA Tier List Stand is the Best?

What is YBA Stands?
YBA | Photo Credit: Roblox

There are a lot of different YBA Tier List Stands in the game. But if you are looking for the best YBA Stand, you are at the right place! As per our latest knowledge, the best YBA stand is The World Over Heaven. It is the most powerful and effective YBA standing ranking at 75. 

Next, the second top best Stand in YBA is Killer Queen Bites the Dust standing on the rank of 74. These two stands make the most punches in the battle. 

These two stands are worth aiming for; however, other YBA stands are also powerful and effective to use.

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How do you get more Stands in the tier list of the YBA?

In May 2020, Your Bizarre Adventure added a feature called Stand storage, with which you can buy four additional stand slots. However, this feature is available once you reach Prestige level 2. 

Now the question comes up how can you get more stands in YBA? Here is how it works.  

Using Stand Arrows, you can get more stands. These Arrows are in-game collectibles that are usually available on the rooftops in a general arena or near the trash bins. Also, you can buy them from the Game Arcade. 

These stand arrows come with different levels of worthiness. Worthiness1 represents the worst and increases likewise. Stand Arrows with low worthiness does not guarantee your survival in the game. So, it is always recommended to collect Stand Arrows of the best possible worthiness.

Once you have got the Stand Arrows, click on the “Use” option from the main menu and get whatever Your Bizarre Adventure stand you think suits you best.


What Is a YBA Skin?

Your Bizzare Adventure skin is a game feature that allows the players to permanently change their stand appearance. Different YBS Skins are listed here. 
Sumo World 
Horsemen of Heaven 
Elf Pistol 
Devil’s Moon 
TWAU: Over Heaven

What is a YBA Tier list Stand for?

YBA stand is the main character in the Your Bizarre Adventure game that wears the YBA skin. It is an important feature you require to win the game, as it gives spiritual abilities to the characters.

What is the best stand-in YBA tier list?

The best stand in the Your Bizarre Adventure is a list of Tiers S stands. These are the most effective tires in the game.

How do you dash in YBA?

By pressing the Alt key, you can dash the YBA game. The direction of the dash depends on the arrow key you press, along with the Alt key. However, this function does not work on the Roblox Microsoft application. 

How do you beat Bruno in YBA?

The strategy to beat Bruno in YBA is to run. Just run as far as you can after you knock him down. 

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