Use of AI-Powered Copywriting in Emails

We have AI-powered assistants, smartphone cameras, face recognition, recommendations, so why not have AI-powered copywriting in emails? Yes, you read it right. AI is a growing technology that transcends across many applications with copywriting being it’s one of the most anticipated usage. The number of emails received by people in 2024 on a daily basis is expected to touch a whopping 361.6 billion. As the sphere of services continues to expand, the volume of transactional emails will also skyrocket. In this situation, the business will have to cope up with the huge number of email transactions using advanced technologies like ML and AI to keep their operations sustainable and to stay relevant to the customers. In this article, I am going to share insights on AI-powered copywriting in emails and how you can capitalize on it. Buckle up to explore more on the topic. 

Automating Transactional Messages

Transactional messages and drip campaigns are the two most popular email marketing strategies where AI-powered copywriting can do wonders for businesses. Like your automation workflows, you can automate the use of certain content blocks to match the user’s message as well as their on-site activity. Generating emails based on user behavior and automating the repetitive engagement will reduce a significant amount of workload on your staff. The software will generate the subject lines for your messages that suit your readers the most without consuming numerous A/B Split Tests and hours of your creative team. 

Optimizing Copy for Engaging Even Individual Contacts

The application of NLP (natural language pattern) gives you an opportunity to optimize your content to the individual level. Different people value the use of different phrases and react empathetically to certain pictures. You can use those aspects of behavioral sciences and improve the quality of your copy to suit their preferences. This is one groundbreaking benefit of AI as making even 8 different versions of an email consume an entire team for one full month as creating HTML email templates with copy takes a week:


Image Credits = litmus

Leverage Machine Learning and Big Data to Drive Copywriting Strategies

Big Data Analytics (BDA) can significantly improve your AI-based copywriting solutions as they help you improve your emails with time. You can also analyze your messages against millions of other emails to get the best recommendation for your business. Tools like Persado, Touchstone, ZetaHub, Phrasee, and Albert are awesome AI tools that allow you to leverage machine learning and big data to churn out best-suited content. Albert helped Cosabella get a 500% boost in their online sales. Thus, I feel that combining ML and BDA will become a market necessity in future as the competition turns more fierce. 

Level Up Personalization of Content Blocks

Personalization of content blocks can redefine your overall strategic outlook as you will be able to optimize the content for individual readers. Apart from copywriting, it can also help you use only the relevant images for your readers and create smarter messages. Machine-generated content and placing of blocks will help drive engagement and also improve your deliverability. 


Image Credits = reallygoodemail

With AI-powered copywriting, the above message would be treated for individual preferences for the listed items including the main featured article and subject lines. 

Improve Send Timing with Constant Inputs from Email Metrics 

Send timing for emails makes a big impact, and you can harness AI to make appropriate changes in the copy as per the time zones. This also includes optimizing your email copy as per the user behavior at different time periods in a day and through the insights from email metrics like open rates and CTR. 

Bridging Segmentation and Personalization 

Segmentation and personalization are the two most widely applied email marketing tactics, but one needs to understand that writing email copies becomes tricky since customer preferences and their average order value (AOV) keep changing over the course of time. Currently, dynamic list building is helping businesses to some extent, but they cannot cater to this volatile shifting of preferences adequately due to the limitations of both creative and technical staff. AI-powered copywriting can bridge the gap between segmentation and personalization by optimizing your email copies for email metrics and user behavior as well as keep your messages aligned with your brand. 

Improve Your ROI per Campaign and Save Big

Now, this is the most crucial advantage of using AI-powered copywriting for email marketing. AI will help develop and curate content in email-friendly layouts and fast tracks the generation of various versions of your messages. No doubt it will be cost-effective but strategic benefits like creating copy heavily tuned for engagement and conversions without any guesswork will improve your ROI per campaign drastically while also cutting down a significant chunk of your costs.

Over to You

As a copywriter myself, I find AI as a real game-changer that will substitute the guesswork with analytics. It will also slash off a significant part of the content development cycle, improving your profitability on multiple levels. I have shared some probable user cases and real-life applications which will become mainstream soon. Currently, you need to have at least a million active subscribers to make full use of these tools. I hope you find this article on AI-powered copywriting for emails resourceful.

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