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How AI and Big data help Spotify win the music streaming Business

Spotify utilizes machine learning and AI to find and browse from the external information and user behavior. That’s how they maintain their position as one of the highly liked music streaming services on the web. 

Spotify is a digital service provider that offers music, podcast, and online video streaming on its platform. Its the biggest music streaming service in the world that gives you access to millions of songs and other content.

Spotify premium offers some premium features but the basic music playing is completely free. You can:

  • Get suggestions from Daily mix, Release radar, Discover daily, and personalized features.
  • Search and browse to find your favorite music. 
  • Make your special collection of music.
  • Check your friends, celebrities, and artist’s favorite music collection.
  • Create a Radio station of your favorite content.

Spotify is the most in-demand and popular music streaming application. This company is known for pushing limits in using latest tech. The same went in the use of Machine learning and AI to deliver the better results to their consumers. Spotify algorithm also applies AI and machine learning to the consumer’s data and their search behavior to learn from it, resulting in much better search results. 

Visibility & Music Recommendations

Spotify has acquired many companies known for data science to enhance music recommendations. This is the compulsory step for them to remain at the top of the music streaming world.

Also, getting noticed on Spotify could be difficult for many users as Spotify is now using Ai and machine learning for recommendations. Spotify algorithm surely knows what music its users like more. So, to reach your users you must follow the AI algorithm. 

One main issue of not getting noticed is the low number of Plays and followers. You should have enough followers and enough numbers to Plays to improve your visibility. A quick solution to this problem is to buy Spotify Play. You can buy up to 1 million plays and this will surely boost your visibility.

The Discover Weekly Feature

The discover weekly feature is the most popular, however the best-exemplified feature. Every Monday, Spotify refreshes its 30 songs playlist with the help of AI and machine learning. The list consists of songs which you have most liked and new songs which probably you will love. These songs are chosen based on your habits and liking.

For example, a song appears on Discover weekly which has more than 50 million views on YouTube. Spotify innovation technology will consider this song a good candidate for the discovery because you mostly listen to popular and successful music.

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Spotify knows you well

Spotify uses machine learning and API-based product to provide its users with better recommendations and search results to help them discover music according to their liking. They acquired Niland in 2017 to boost their search results and user recommendations.

Personalization is a key factor that People like their music streaming platform. This also helps the deep understanding of the user to show them the songs which most probably he will love and the reason why users keep getting back.

Learning through User data

User data is the key factor to train AI and machine learning. More and more users will use Spotify and more data that Spotify will have. This eventually will make Spotify the best overall experience for the end-user.
For its mobile machine learning, data-collecting technology, and AI, they closely analyses your music liking habits and make customized recommendations. This will eventually improve playlists and music recommendations dependent on the class and specialists you’re listening to normally.

With everything taken into account, Spotify has a huge amount of phone application highlights and abilities to offer its clients to keep the application Fresh and main the new and fascinating experience continuously. Its trend-setting recommendation and shareability are the huge factors regarding why it has more than 100 million clients and is reliably considered as the best music streaming application.

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