Piso WiFi Pause Function – Piso WiFi Pause Time

Understanding the Pause Function on Piso WiFi can be game-changing, whether you’re a business owner providing public Wi-Fi or a household looking to limit screen usage. In this article, you will learn how to control your network and some amazing uses of Piso WiFi

What is Piso WiFi Piso WiFi

Piso WiFi is a well-known internet service provider (ISP) in the Philippines. This ISP has a user-friendly and simple WiFi hotspot, making it extremely simple for people to connect their devices. 

Piso WiFi was created with travelers in mind, and it meets the special demands of people wishing to share their mobile internet connection with fellow hotel guests in hotel rooms. This service is designed for travelers who want to connect to the internet while on vacation or simply want to unwind without sacrificing their online connectivity.

The easy use of Piso WiFi is its defining feature. If you’re a visitor staying in a hotel or just having a relaxing holiday, connecting your device to this WiFi is a simple task. This feature can give you access to read your emails, interact with friends, or engage in various internet activities while relaxing.

7 Amazing Features of Piso Wifi

Piso WiFi includes a number of important features designed to meet the demands of both business owners and customers. Here are some features of a Piso WiFi system:

1- User-Friendly Interface 

Piso WiFi systems often include a user-friendly admin interface that allows company owners to quickly manage and modify their network.

2- Hotspot Creation

They enable the creation of WiFi hotspots that users can access for a fee, usually on a time-based payment scheme.

3- Time-Based Access 

By inputting cash or purchasing access codes, users can connect to the network for a set period of time, making it ideal for short-term internet needs.

4- Integration of Billing and Payment Systems 

Piso WiFi systems integrate with billing and payment systems, allowing easy collection of payments from users.

5- Bandwidth Management

Business owners can monitor and manage available bandwidth to guarantee that all users have a fair and consistent internet speed.

6- Pause and Resume Function

Piso WiFi networks can provide the ability to halt and resume internet connection for individual users or devices, providing the owner more control.

7- Usage Monitoring

They provide real-time usage monitoring and reporting, assisting business owners in tracking data consumption and user activity.

How to Use Piso WiFi Pause Function?

Follow these instructions to use the Pause Function on Piso WiFi:

1- Access the Piso WiFi Admin Panel

Open a web browser on your connected Piso WiFi device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet). Enter this “” in the search bar of your web browser. This should lead you to the login page for the Piso WiFi admin panel.

2- Enter the Admin Panel

Enter your admin panel username and password. The Piso WiFi service provider normally provides these credentials. If you don’t have them, you’ll have to contact your service provider to get them.

3- Go to the Pause Function

Once you’ve logged in, look for a network management or user control section or tab in the admin panel. The Pause Function can be found here.

4- Interrupt Internet Access

You should notice choices to suspend internet access for individual people or devices under the suspend Function area. To temporarily disable internet access, normally choose a person or device from the list and click on a “Pause” or “Disable” button.

5- Reestablish Internet Access

Select a stopped user or device from the list and click a “Resume” or “Enable” button to restore internet access.

6- Change the Settings 

Depending on the Piso WiFi system, you will need to adjust other options, such as time limitations for suspending and resuming internet connection.

7- Exit and Log Out

After you’ve finished making changes, remember to log out of the admin area for security reasons.

Piso WiFi Pause Function Drawbacks

While the Pause Function in Piso WiFi devices provides essential network access control, it also has several downsides and limitations:

1- Inconvenience for Users 

Interrupting a user’s internet access can be inconvenient, particularly if they are in the middle of important online tasks. Unexpected interruptions can be frustrating.

2- Limited Customization

Some Piso WiFi systems will provide limited customization choices for pause settings. This can make tailoring the function to individual user demands difficult.

3- Human Management

Interrupting and restarting internet connectivity frequently necessitates human intervention from the network administrator. This might be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of people to maintain.

4- Possible Abuse 

Users will attempt to surpass the Pause Function or disclose their login credentials, potentially resulting in unauthorized access.

5- Influence on User Experience 

Frequent use of the Pause Function will have a negative influence on overall user experience because users will consider the network as untrustworthy.

6- Complexity for Network Administrators

Managing multiple pause requests while guaranteeing fair usage can be difficult, particularly in high-traffic environments.

7- Lack of Advanced Features

Some Piso WiFi systems will be lacking in advanced functionality, such as the ability to plan pauses or specify different pause durations for different users.

8- Technical Faults

The Pause Function will experience technical faults or malfunctions, such as delays in halting or resuming access.

9- Network Load 

Frequent pauses and resumes of internet connectivity will add to network load and degrade overall performance.

10- User Confusion

Users will be confused as to why their internet access has been interrupted, which will lead to support inquiries.


The Pause Function on the Piso WiFi network can be a useful tool for both business owners and users. Following our step-by-step directions on how to efficiently use this function can give you more control over your internet connection. There are many useful features of the pause feature but it also has some drawbacks.

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