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Apple again makes its case against sideloading apps on iPhones in a new security research report

Apple is a tech giant in the market. It has huge sales of iPhones and iPads in the market. And all the marketing is based on the fact that they are more secure and reliable than other competing devices in the market, like Android and Samsung. One prime reason Apple calls itself a secure platform is because it does not allow sideloading of applications.

Sideloading applications means downloading applications from an online marketplace other than the one app store approved by the device makers.

Apple is more concerned about the privacy of users. They said that if users will be allowed to download apps from any place, there are chances of malicious applications, and the user will lose control over their private data. In particular, Apple gave an example of Android mobiles and said that they allow sideloading applications and hence have 47 times more malware infections than the iPhones.  

On 13th October 2021, Apple pushed its case against sideloading applications and in favor of controlled App Stores. The case is based on a research paper that clearly states that sideloading applications are a big reason for malware infections and hacking attacks on mobile phones.

Apple published its white paper in favor of controlled App stores for iPhone and iPad and a controlled approach to the device.

However, Apple had to face a lot of opposition in the courts. Epic Games and Fortnite makers were the prime ones against this approach. They said that Apple is trying to block competition and is standing in the way of innovation. Apple blocked Fortnite from its App stores until the legal notice.

Even after the great appeal in the court Epic Games lost its legal case against Apple. Apple now has all rights to have a controlled and safe environment for its users.  But users won’t be able to sideload applications in their iPhones and iPads, which is for their safety in the long run.  

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