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Apple considers making Foldable iPhones in Near Future

In November 2020, a report from a Chinese supplier claimed that Apple is testing prototypes of foldable iPhones. They claimed that the prototype under test is to launch in 2021. But there is no such final verdict from Apple developers till now. 

However, Bloomberg recently confirmed that rumor by saying that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone screen. If Apple releases a foldable screen iPhone, then it will be a strong rival to Samsung. Because Samsung already has two models of foldable smartphones in the market, namely Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, the news of foldable iPhones can be a complete rumor. 

According to the report, Apple developers and engineers are working on foldable iPhones for quite a time now. They are testing the significance and user interface of foldable screens to see if they are actually worth the development. But, their plans to launch any such device are still a mystery. If there is any such thing in reality, then it is for sure in the early development phase, and we can say nothing about it as of yet.  

In case Apple comes up with a foldable screen iPhone in the market, then it will indeed be a great change in the series of iPhones after iPhone X. But they need to work hard on enhancing the user experience for folded screen iPhones to compete in the market. Samsung and Motorola are already two strong bodies in the market, with folded screen phones, but both of these companies lack in providing a great user experience. So, to win the market, Apple needs to concentrate more on the user experience of folded screen iPhones.

Although the launch is unknown, we are excited to see what Apple brings in the market for its users in 2021.  

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