What are the Best Sites for Background Check Reviews?

Practicing your answers to interview questions, getting good references, ironing out the details on your resume – there’s so much preparation involved in applying for a job! So much, in fact, that we often forget one of the most important components: the background check. According to background screening resource Unmask, this is getting more and more popular. Job candidates and employers alike are giving screening some serious attention. 

We all want accurate and reliable information as to which the best background check companies are. Here is a quick look at some valuable sites for reviews, which provide highly useful information about background checks. 

Consumer Advocate 

Consumer Advocate is extremely thorough in their analysis of background check services. They rank the companies according to the background check types provided, the quality of reports, value, accreditation, and customer service. The top-ranked providers are the ones offering a large selection of screening types. The site looks at each provider’s methods and sources of data, considering the degree of transparency.

Consumer Advocate also looks for providers with varied pricing models and payment plans, including those that offer one-time checks and reports. This is because not everyone needs volume pricing or a monthly subscription. 

Given how critical compliance has become to avoid financial and legal troubles, the companies reviewed all have accreditation from industry watchdogs. This ensures integrity as well as quality. 

Finally, customer satisfaction is contingent on good communication. The highest-ranked companies offer multiple contact options. 

Consumer Advocate has a transparent review policy, designating partner firms with the link “Partner.” They only receive payment from partners if someone clicks on it. They make a point of explaining that they don’t receive compensation if the reader ignores the link. 

The order and ranking of providers and products can be affected by partners. However, many other factors are taken into account. Contributors spend tens of hours researching background check companies to offer valid recommendations and insight. 

The Top 10 Sites 

This site contains information about a wide variety of background check services and products. It was created with the purpose of assisting users in making the best possible decisions. Like most review sites, this one receives special offers, prices, and other details from partners. These are dynamic and prone to modification. Their rankings are based on painstaking research. They note that the information published should not be taken as a forecast or professional or legal advice. 

AP News 

AP News acknowledges how tasking looking for the best screening service provider can be. Their reviews give a very close look into how each company works. They are not limited to a list of the companies offering these services and their prices. AP News is the first to point out that “free” doesn’t always mean “good” or “reliable.” There are quite a few rogue providers that will claim to offer a free check to lure you in as a paying member. 

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Looking at review sites is important because many job applicants don’t realize how impactful a background check can be where their prospects are concerned. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s always recommendable to perform a self-check. That way, you’re prepared to explain anything unsavory during the interview. The information on these sites can be helpful even if you’re not looking for a job. 

Your digital footprint is important – you can’t blame an employer for wanting to know more about applicants and current employees’ backgrounds. Some employers require information about work history, credit history, employment history, education, and even social media use. A reliable review site can inform them of the most suitable background check service for their needs.  

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