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What Does The X Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat, a platform celebrated for features such as Filters, Lenses, Charms, Trophies, and more, has introduced a new element to its chat section – the enigmatic X icon. The question “What does the X mean on Snapchat” has stirred up a whirlwind of curiosity among users. This query is entirely justified, as Snapchat doesn’t incorporate any elements into the Chat section without attaching some meaning to them.

If you’re familiar with the concept of Friends emojis, you’ll understand that Snapchat employs emojis to symbolize various levels of interaction with your friends. When it comes to the X symbol positioned next to a contact’s name, it carries significant implications.

So, let’s dive right in and unravel the mysteries of “What Does the X Mean On Snapchat?” Why wait any longer? Let’s embark on this journey of discovery.

What Does X Mean on Snapchat?

Ah, the little X on Snapchat – it’s the puzzle that captures the curiosity of every Snapchatter. This unassuming grey X emblem appears next to the name of a person or contact who still needs to be your friend on Snapchat.

The grey X is a gentle reminder, urging you to either add that individual to your friend list if you haven’t done so already or remove them by selecting “Clear Conversation.” Allow me to elucidate the meaning of the grey X on Snapchat.

There are four primary reasons why you might encounter the X symbol next to a person’s name within your chats:

You Haven’t Accepted Their Friend Request Yet

The most straightforward explanation for encountering a grey X rather than the camera icon next to a Snapchat name is that you still need to add that person or accept their friend request.

You Removed the Person From Your Friends List

Another reason for the appearance of the X symbol is that you’ve removed the person from your Snapchat friend list, but you still need to block them. This is why you can still receive messages from them.

The Other Person Hasn’t Added You to Their Friends List Yet

It’s entirely possible that the other person still needs to add you to their Friends list or accept your friend request. So, if you’ve been pondering over the meaning of the little X on Snapchat, it could be as simple as indicating that you aren’t friends with that person yet.

The Other Person Has Removed You From Their Friend List

If you receive an X on Snapchat but believe you’re still friends with the person, let me clarify – you’re not! They’ve either removed you from Snapchat or blocked you.

A common thread prevails in the scenarios outlined above: you’re not friends on Snapchat. Depending on your preferences, you can add them, block them, or dismiss friend recommendations by selecting “Clear Conversation.”

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Does the X on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You?

Does the X on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You?

Contrary to popular belief, the X doesn’t exclusively signify that someone has unadded you. There are numerous reasons why the X symbol might appear next to a name on Snapchat. However, if you’ve added someone on Snapchat and haven’t removed them, it’s plausible that they’ve removed you from their Friends list, prompting the appearance of the grey mark.

Does X on Snapchat Mean Blocked?

Much like its counterpart, the X doesn’t exclusively indicate that someone has blocked you. Various other factors could lead to the emergence of this X mark next to a contact’s name. However, if you’ve previously added a person on Snapchat and have yet to take them off your list, the presence of the grey X could suggest that they’ve blocked you.

How to Remove the Grey X Icon From Snapchat?

Now that the mystery of the little X on Snapchat has been unravelled, taking action to remove this grey X from the Chats section is a breeze.

Depending on your circumstance, consider these strategies to bid farewell to the X mark on Snapchat:

  1. If you still need to accept the friend request, do so to eliminate the X mark.
  2. If you’ve removed the person from your Friends list, adding them back is the key to removing the X.
  3. If someone has removed you from their friend list, a simple request to re-add you should make the X vanish.
  4. If the X mark irks you when it appears next to a contact’s name, choose an appropriate strategy from the above or consider blocking, reporting, or using “Clear Conversation.

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Bottom Line

The X symbol on Snapchat is more than just a one-size-fits-all enigma. Its appearance can stem from various scenarios, such as pending friend requests, removal from friend lists, or even being blocked. Understanding these nuances allows you to navigate the Snapchat landscape with greater insight and ease.

10 Useful and Unique FAQs about “What Does The X Mean On Snapchat.”

Can the X mark indicate anything besides being unadded?

Absolutely. The X can symbolize pending friend requests, removal from friend lists, or blocked status.

Can I remove the X without adding someone back to my friends?

Consider using “Clear Conversation” or other options like blocking or reporting.

What if I can’t remember removing someone but see an X?

It’s possible they’ve removed you or blocked you.

How can I check if someone has blocked me?

You might not receive messages, see their stories, or view their profile.

Will the X disappear if they add me back?

Yes, once they re-add you, the X will vanish.

Can I be added back after being blocked?

Technically, yes. But it’s best to communicate with the person who blocked you.

Does Snapchat notify you when someone removes you from their list?

No, Snapchat doesn’t send notifications for such actions.

Can I customize the appearance of the X symbol?

No, Snapchat’s symbols are standardized across the platform.

Can I remove the X from my chats without taking any action?

If you’re content with the X, you can leave it as is.

Does the X appear if someone deletes their Snapchat account?

If an account is deleted or deactivated, an X could appear.

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