Nvidia Buys Arm Chip Division From SoftBank for $40 Billion

This is the largest ever deal in the chip industry.

Nvidia has bought the Arm chip division from Softbank for $40 Billion cash. They stock the biggest deal ever done in the chip industry. This deal has made this Sunday and as part of the deal, Softbank will take an ownership share in the Nvidia and that share will be less than 10% as the company said in the joint statement.

Nvidia and SoftBank were in a talk for a long time as Bloomberg reported. Nvidia is the lone potential buyer in this deal. SoftBank was already considering to sale the Arm, revealed by an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal. The Journal also reported Saturday’s news of an imminent SoftBank and Nvidia agreement.

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Nvidia makes graphics processors for PCs, and Arm designs microprocessors that enable most of the world’s mid-range smartphones. These names are not normally known by many people specially Arm, but they are one of the biggest players in the chip industry. This deal definitely more beneficial for Nvidia, whose stocks are increasing and has been one of the market’s best performers this year. The Arm is a dominant force in the market for smartphones and a big supplier of chips for a range of other devices including smart watches and smart speakers.

The deal marks a win for SoftBank and its chief executive, Masayoshi Son, who bought Arm four years ago for $32 billion and had done an amazing Job in jump-starting the business of Arm. The Arm has grown faster than ever in the last four years.

It’s the biggest bet for Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang since he co-found the company in 1993. Nvidia is a fast-growing industry in the graphics chips that power videogames and makes graphic cards for the PCs. The chips have been in hot selling product during the pandemic.

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