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Walmart Airpods Selling At Lowest Price Ever Recorded – Is It True?

Did you hear that Walmart is selling Apple AirPods on sale and you just have to pay $100 for it now as compared to insanely higher prices before?

Walmart Airpods Selling At Lowest Price

Everyone loves budget-minded shopping especially when it comes to gadgets as expensive as AirPods. If you want to buy the latest models and that too, from one of the hottest brands in the market, there is a need to set aside a fortune! However, thanks to Walmart selling real Airpods at very affordable prices, everyone can consider purchasing them right away. 

Why Are Apple Airpods Everyone’s Favorite?

So why are Walmart shoppers going crazy about this sale? Well, if you take a good look at what the Airpods have to offer, the picture will become clearer!

  • More than 24 hours total listening time. 
  • One-tap setup for Apple device users. 
  • Low-latency wireless connection. 

One of the fans shared his remarks on Yahoo.com, saying, “I love the overall look and feel of this product. The sound quality and the audio quality both perform very well. They connect very easily across Apple devices and it does not take much to start using them. I thought the product might have been fake or not real, but I assure you it is. The battery life is just awesome. I can use these any time of the day and travel with them. The product just has a premium feel to them. I love it.”

Another parent shared similar remarks on the same platform, “We purchase these for our teenage son. They pair with his Apple iPhone. Wireless rechargeable cases are so convenient. He has used them for over a year and a half and they still work really well and he uses them every day.”

Other Ongoing Deals on Walmart You Must Consider

I have rounded up some of the best discounts that I came across in Walmart as a dealhunter. Check them out! 

1. 32” Smart TV from Onn is now available for $98 instead of $144! The TV offers 720p resolution and has perfect settings for color, texture, and detail in the content. Moreover, it has its own customizable home screen that you will adore! The TV has an in-built installation guide that will begin as soon as you turn on the device. Moreover, it has three HDMI inputs so that you can conveniently connect other devices to it. 

2. Walmart is selling Moosoo Mini Air Fryer for just $39 now which was previously priced at $88. Air fryers have become particularly famous in the last few years as more and more people are shifting to healthier eating patterns. Other than that, the selling point of this appliance is its compact size. It does not take up much space on the kitchen counter. Moreover, the 2-quart watts non-stick basket is not a hassle to clean. You can expect 1,200 watts of power to fry your crispy french fries or heat up leftover food in a minute. 

3. Big Roomba Savings deal offers you to pay just $288 for a vacuum that was previously priced at $529. It offers stable WiFi connectivity and the best part is that the vacuum is designed to empty on its own. You just have to set the robot to clean once you leave the house and come back to perfectly cleaned floors. It’s especially recommended for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors. 

Why Should You Choose To Shop At Walmart?

First of all, Walmart is known for its extremely affordable prices. It is always an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers who love to shop for a wide range of products at a single spot and still find reasonable deals to save some bucks. It not only justifies the price most customers are willing to pay but also provides them with a vast selection of products in each category so they have options to choose from as they shop. This holds true whether you are looking to buy household items, clothing, or more. 

Perhaps another reason that has made Walmart particularly famous is how it has set up multiple stores across the US which means that it will be convenient for buyers in different regions to find a store nearby making it extremely accessible to everyone. Moreover, the stores often have extended working hours. In fact, some locations are known to operate for 24 hours and then there is always an option to shop online. In addition to the physical stores, Walmarts offers an extensive variety of products online too so the shoppers can purchase what they need from the comfort of their homes. 

Now we should talk about the best part in the end! Did you know that Walmart lets you price match with stores and score the lower price if you are able to identify any item priced higher than what it is in the market? That’s true! The price-matching policies are really a game changer in the retail world. Furthermore, there are savings programs like the ever-famous Savings Catcher that automatically compares prices of merchandise and allows you to claim for a refund if a lower price is found elsewhere. 

Take-Home Message 

Walmart Airpods deal is something that comes around once in a while so if you wanted to purchase the little goodies for your ear, this might be the perfect time! However, don’t just stop there as Walmart has crazy discounts on a handful of other items too that you might want to check out! 

As a tip for my dear readers, I would suggest that you plan your trip to Walmart ahead of time and avoid going shopping during peak hours. Walmart is a large store and can often be overcrowded with long checkout lanes that can get pretty annoying. So, if you don’t want to simply shop online, going to Walmart at unusual times like Monday mornings might be a good tactic. Moreover, don’t forget that Walmart’s customer support team is extremely helpful. Reach out to them whenever you need any guidance!

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