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Best Quiz Apps to Earn Money Using Smartphone

In this age of the internet, there are a lot of ways to earn money while staying on the couch, using your smartphone. One such way is to get the quiz apps to earn money. Yes, it is not a scam but a genuine way for people to earn hard cash answering questions.

If you want to be part of it, all you need to do is find out which quiz app is paying you money for spending your time. Nowadays, various companies have changed their tactics of reaching their potential customers. Once they spent a hefty sum on marketing, now they contact directly with the potential customer.

This is why we have examples of Amazon creating and running quiz campaigns on their website and apps to attract new customers. With that being said, there are other ways too, let’s explore some so that you can pick a few and get some cash.


On top of the list is WinZo, a gaming and quiz app where you have to participate in various activities to earn cash. Here you can engage with their smartphone app to win gift vouchers or hard cash, the choice is yours.

Here you will have to be part of real-time quiz challenges and answer simple questions. These could be asked from topics like Bollywood, general knowledge, various puzzles, sports, and other forms of Trivia among others.

All you need to have is a smartphone, a stable internet connection on Wifi or Data. Whether you are a housewife or a school-going student the arena is open and welcomes you to test your wisdom and aptitude.


Loco is another popular mobile application that is basically a quiz game and popular among fans who have already downloaded it on their devices.

It is home to many trivia games and other questions that you have to answer in order to win. That is why it is so much popular among school and college students. Here, you have to answer a total of ten questions in a single game.

This starts from easy ones and moves towards hard topics as you manage towards the end. Loco hosts two contests daily on working days. While on weekdays it is just a single game at the night.

The questions asked span from various fields of interest, such as Current Affairs, Politics, News, history, Science, Geography, Sports, etc. The name of the individual is announced after the contest is over and they are paid the said amount of money immediately.


To earn money on Qureka, all you need to have is a smartphone connected to the internet and a Paytm account. Same as Loco, they offer two sets of shows every day one in the afternoon and the other at night.

Spanning from a wide range of topics including GK, sports, history, technology, film, TV, nature, etc, they curate questions to ask from the participants. One of the best quiz apps to earn money it even offers a monthly grand quiz completion.

Here you are asked ten questions with a window of 10 seconds to answer that question. If you delay putting the answer or feed a wrong one, you will be eliminated from the contest, but you can reenter using the life option available.

Quiz Apps to Earn
Quiz Apps to Earn

Learn App

Answer simple questions and earn a reward transferred to your Paytm account. Here you can use different methods to earn money. In addition to prizes, for your participation, you get points as well. Starting from the sign-up you start earning.

With confirmed referrals, you get a commission for bringing in new users as well. Once your registration is complete on Learn, it is time to start earning. You have to answer 50 questions daily and try your luck.

Earn daily hard cash and points in addition to that, which you can later redeem on your Paytm account.


MobShow is a live quiz app to earn money. Here you have to compete live with other participants for cash prizes. Get yourself registered for free and get your share from the daily distributed prize pool. If you are smart, all of that could be yours.

Two sessions are conducted each day with ten questions in each session. Just by referring your friends, you can earn a lifeline that you can utilize when you are about to get knocked out for wrong answers.

Here, just like other earning quiz apps, the topics are broad and test your knowledge from categories like film, comics, mythology, general knowledge, etc. to name a few.


To sum up, there are a number of ways, you can use to win real cash, and one such way is to install quiz apps to earn money. In addition to these applications, you can find more venues to participate in similar competitions. To learn about them you can visit quizofficial.

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