Apple sues recycling firm for reselling more than 100,000 Apple devices

Apple, the world’s most valuable company these days, filed a lawsuit against one of his former recycling partners named GEEP Canada. Apple claims that GEEP Canada is double playing with them. On one side, they are receiving money from Apple to dismantle and recycle Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and watches. And on the other hand, they are selling more than 100,000 Apple products to customers in the open market.

According to the details provided by Apple, they gave more than 500,000 Apple devices to GEEP Canada to recycle them between January 2015 to December 2017. The contract between the two parties states it clearly that Apple provided those products to dismantle and recycle them. But, GEEP Canda went on the wrong path.

Apple came to know about all the situations when they did an internal audit. They discovered that more than 18% of those devices were still accessing cellular internet connection. Meaning they are still in use. The percentage can even be higher because it does not contain the record of the devices using Wi-Fi networks.

Apple also states that the products they sent for recycling have serious safety issues, and they are longer valuable to sell to their customers. Even if changing some parts makes them work, battery and electrical problems can still be a risk factor.

For all the reasons, Apple filed a lawsuit of a minimum of 31million Canadian dollars against GEEP Canada.

Surprisingly! GEEP Canada does not deny its theft. They are blaming three of their employees for all the situations. They say that the three employees are getting the devices on their own, repairing them, and selling them for their gains. But Apple does not believe this story. They know that the three employees they are blaming were in the senior management of the recycling company- GEEP Canada.

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