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Apple won’t be getting the Microsoft Project xCloud gaming service at launch

Apple confirms that game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud violate the Apple app store guidelines, and that is why both services will not be available in Apple devices at launch. Microsoft is announcing its Project xCloud, an online game streaming service like stadia on Sep 15th, 2020. 

Xbox Game Pass is the key to start playing streaming games on your device but Apple iPhone and iPad users won’t be able to play it right after the launch event. Apple app store requires that the developer should submit each game for review to start showing on their App store. Business Insider reported on Thursday that Xbox Game Pass won’t able to take part in the Apple App review. 

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Apple Said that “our customers enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers and gaming services can absolutely launch on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of guidelines applicable to all developers including submitting games individually for review and appearing in charts and search.”

Microsoft wants to take the place of “Netflix of gaming”, launching its services on 15th Sept starting at $14.99 per month. We have already seen the Google stadia and game playing over the internet are offering promising results. As a part of the Xbox Game pass, users can play 100+ games on their Xbox and PC with a good internet connection. This service allows them to take part in the Social Live Network of Microsoft Xbox.

Microsoft has a plan of launching an app for Android users that will allow the players to play on their Android with a decent wifi or mobile data connection. A spokesperson from Microsoft said “It’s our ambition to scale cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass available on all devices,”

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