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PS5 Availability update: How to Grab PlayStation 5 at Major Retailers such as Walmart and GameStop

The availability of PS5 is water-tight thanks to dripping stocks released by Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and Target. Although a bit challenging, it is still not out of reach.

All the stock of PS5 is virtually upheld, including Amazon, owing to upcoming Memorial Day and Prime Day sales. June 21-22 are the important dates to remember.

Why grabbing a PS5 is an uphill task?

A lively case study is of Sony’s brand-new console that vanished right after its seventh month of launch. The blame could be laid on the usage of bots or the global chip shortage. Nonetheless, “Sony is well aware and considering all possible options to get out of the quagmire”, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment declared through a news wire on May 12. Furthermore, he declared supplies to return to normalcy by the second quarter of this year.

Let’s skim through the condition of restockers of PlayStation5s.

Target (May 27) – Unfortunately there is not a single restock available of late.

Amazon (May 26) – After a month-long hiatus, Amazon came up with a bulky drop of disc consoles.

Best Buy (May 23) – On the mentioned date, the PS5s stock was available.

PlayStation Direct (May 20) – Sony is providing the limited stock through its intelligent Digital Queue algorithm, presumably the best and the most honest approach.

Walmart (May 20) – Despite all much caution and selling in waves, the stock of Walmart is mainly rampaged by bots.

The most convenient way of getting a PlayStation5 from Sony’s PlayStation Direct

The busiest PlayStation Direct experience drops in the afternoon making people queue to fetch a PS5 console. Unfortunately, if a potential buyer does not get the PS5 immediately, there are optimistic chances that an access email from Sony is waiting around the corner. Having said that, for the mascot email, the buyer must be signed up for Sony Marketing Emails and have a PS+ subscription, getting logged in from a PSN account to boot.

A handy tip for improving buying chances is to get to the front of the queue and share links to other devices having varying IP addresses. This is not a sure-fire trick, but still, the striving gaming-geek gets a pass to buy on the next round of inventory open-up by Sony.

General Protips

Although the tech gurus are devising buying strategies that prove damp squib at the end. The only solid chance is to log in to the portals of Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart at the right time when the sale is on the go.


Check through multiple devices and frequently about the stock update, as quick as multiple times in a single day. I found one prized console, try buying through multiple popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. This is sort of a lottery draw. Hold your breath!


Keep your buying accounts ready and updated at multiple retailers. The same is the case for shipping and payment info. Many potential buyers lose their lucky charm while consuming time in filling brackets.

Some other avenues where I can get PS5 by paying a few extra bucks – Richie Rich corner

Money speaks, so does the PS5’s sale. You can still get one easily during all this zeitgeist of shortages. The mark-up at eBay and Stock X could go as up as $1,000. Nonetheless, sane advice is to wait a bit and buy a PS5 console at the original price.

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