Trama Receives Funding From Vision Ventures To Bring Innovation To The World Of Trademark Registration

Vision Ventures announces the second round of investment in Trama, a global provider of trademark registration that aims to reshape brand protection and provide access to quality & affordable trademark services. According to Vision Ventures’ assessment, Trama has been valued at €7 Million.

The innovations and new technologies dynamically changing the world fascinate us. We believe that these opportunities can make the world a better place for everyone. Therefore, we continue our search for unique companies and focus our efforts to help them in their successful growth.” – Vision Ventures

Trama is a team of dedicated lawyers and tech entrepreneurs who joined forces to bring 21st-century technology to the world of Law. Its platform offers customers all-around trademark management tools to meet all brand protection needs, from simple registration to convenient process tracking and swift response to any infringement attempts. The combination of extensive legal expertise and the use of technological solutions allows Trama to offer a competitive price whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Trama follows a very ambitious goal of making effective brand protection more readily available. The team’s track record of nearly 5,000 trademarks registered in 2 years speaks for itself and we’re thrilled to fuel this disruptive force in the legal world. But it is really the team behind Trama that makes a considerable difference – experienced trademark attorneys, tech innovators, and committed business team, all working hand in hand to make trademark registration as simple, as fast, and as affordable as possible.” – Gabriel Horvath, Vision Ventures

With this partnership, Trama just reached another important milestone towards its goal to redefine the brand protection sector. The investment will allow Trama to develop its industry-leading products, scale sales, and marketing efforts, and selectively pursue attractive acquisition opportunities that further fuel its global vision and commitment to innovation. Trama is constantly searching for better technological solutions, striving for further automation to ensure efficient one-click trademark filing while also maintaining the human approach to provide customers with a reliable support team to guide them through the process.

A companys brand represents the single most valuable asset, differentiating its products and services from other competitors in the eyes of its customers. So the goal of Trama has always been to raise awareness and simplify the process, making trademark registration more accessible to all brands that deserve to be protected.” Igor Demcak, the founder of Trama.

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