Apple Is Bringing Touch ID To The New iMacs

Wireless Touch ID will be available on Apple’s ultra-colorful new iMacs. On the iMac, users will be able to log in, switch profiles, and make transactions using Apple Pay. The feature will only be available in some models of the Magic Keyboard. It’ll be available alongside the new iMac line.

On compatible keyboards, the Touch ID button is placed on the main row. To read your fingerprint, it is depicted as a simple circle. Touch ID is already activated on the iPad and iPhone. The function is making its debut in the company’s desktop line.

Apple offers two different models of the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. One has a numeric keypad, while the other does not. The iMac packages with Touch ID keyboards cost $1,500 as well as $1,700, respectively. The package without Touch ID, on the other hand, costs $1,300.

Apple is also launching a color scheme Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse for the new iMacs. The new iMacs have 24-inch displays. Apple’s patented M1 chip is included. They’re about twice as big as the last one. It was already precariously thin. On April 30th, the new iMac will be available to buy. Shipments are expected to begin in the month of May.

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